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View Poll Results: Which Is Your Favourite Beast game?
Beast 1 54 42.19%
Beast 2 25 19.53%
Beast 3 49 38.28%
Voters: 128. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19 February 2006, 22:54   #1
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Which was the best shadow of the beast?

Just wondering... Which is your favourite shadow of the beast game and why? My personal favourite was beast 1 despite the occasional collision detection problem There is a poll to select your favourite game as well
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Old 19 February 2006, 23:05   #2

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Points for Beast 3 for being the most playable and interesting of the trilogy.
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Old 19 February 2006, 23:32   #3
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Old 20 February 2006, 00:15   #4
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I think there's already a poll here about this. (along with numerous threads)

Anyway, I voted for the original. Of the three, it still looks the best and has the best music. Then there's the nostalga factor of having been blown away by it in 1989. I didn't see Beast III until 1995 and it made me sad to see how it ended up (although I liked the added puzzles). When I finally saw Beast II in 2002, I was even sadder - not only is it unplayable without cheating, but it's the ugliest one.
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Old 20 February 2006, 01:09   #5
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Hmm. Nothing could match the wow factor of the original. I used to play the second simply for the death music, but the third was probably the best in terms of playability.

Regards, Gnorman
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Old 20 February 2006, 12:36   #6
Into the Wonderful
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I say the first one. It was hard as hell but it was the most beautiful. The second one was good too, but didn't have those gorgeous parralax effects of the first (well, not as much.) It was hard too.

And while the third was the most playable, I just didn't like it. The main sprite looks like an Indiana Jones rip off and the puzzles annoyed me to death.
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Old 20 February 2006, 14:00   #7
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No3 for me... it is the most interesting and playable... the previous 2 were like tech demos IMHO... not to mention boring and unplayable...
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Old 20 February 2006, 14:59   #8
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Hm, I did not even know that there was a third part
Anyway I voted for the first part, it simply knocked me off back in the old days.
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Old 20 February 2006, 15:36   #9
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The third one.

Back in the days (end of '93) got that one only, finished it and replayed many times

Tha guy that got me into the Amiga world, just said that prequels do exist, but... way too hard they are
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Old 20 February 2006, 19:02   #10
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Beast 3 for sure. The only playable one.
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Old 21 February 2006, 04:37   #11
I want an A1000

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Wow this is a close one! I'm giving the lead back to the first for historical reasons. Sure, the third is probably the most playable and ... politically correct, but it doesn't cut it as a Beast game. It's not head-bashing difficult and annoying, and the wow-surprise factor is gone. Many people like the game over music from Beast 2 (so do I) but I can't stop listening to the title tune of Beast 3. Studio enhancment anyone?

Edit: Oops, it's on Immortal 2, just heard the "Gottabe" clip. Hmmm.... will buy soon.
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Old 21 February 2006, 09:57   #12
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Beast 3 for me too. I was surprised to see a playable Beast when it came out. The other two were looking great but they played sh1t!
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Old 21 February 2006, 12:35   #13
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Yeah .. it seems we mostly agree that Beast 3 was the best out of the 3. and i like the rest i will say the graphically and sonically Beast 1 was better, while Beast 2 looked crap.

The only thing i didnt like about Beast 3 ( as Muzkat said ), was the main sprite!. they should have brought the original sprite back from Beast 1 for the final showdown in Beast 3. That in my mind would have made it a far better game!..

Its amazing how the look of the central character, can define how you feel about the game. I suppose Turrican is a prime example from the animation of Turrican himself, and also to the way he looks!. He just looks the part!.
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Old 21 February 2006, 12:52   #14
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In turrican 2 he does yes. In all other parts he looks like a dork with shoulder paddings. Turrican 1 sprite is almost the same as the one in 2, only the laser weapon looks crap.

My vote went to Beast 3. I DID like the main sprite, and it was the first beast I played. Later when I checked out beast 1 (emulated) I did like the gfx, but not as much as most of you guys since I was already wowed by Wrath of the Demon back in the day.
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Old 04 May 2006, 15:14   #15
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i don't own an amiga but I own shadow of the beast 1 and 2 on the sega genesis. i'd like to play part 3 but i haven't gotten an emulator and rom yet but i'll get around to it soon. it looks great. anyway, from what i can tell so far, beast 1 is a bit better than beast 2. when i first saw the game in a Sega game magazine about 14 years ago i was captivated by the screenshots. the strange and disgusting monsters and the detail in the graphics. soon, after getting a genesis of my own, I rented beast 1 from a video store to play it quite a few times. nearly impossible to play but i liked it regardless! the graphics and the music were AMAZING. now, today, I happen to own that same copy (box, manual, and the poster) because i bought it from the video rental store when they were selling their old games. mine...all mine! i got beast 2 on eBay a few years ago. a very surreal game, but not as good as the original!
Old 04 May 2006, 20:54   #16
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I voted for the first Beast as it has some of the best music ever to grace the Amiga.
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Old 04 May 2006, 21:02   #17
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I voted for sotb 3 as it has best graphics, music and cool puzzles.
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Old 04 May 2006, 22:32   #18
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Tough decision.... I bought the first one based on reviews and wasn't dissapointed either. Music and graphics still stand the test of time today.

I bought the 2nd after the third just to complete the series after i'd seen the 2nd on a mates' and thought what the hell they done with it?! Beast 3 is certainly great but in the end I voted for the first purely as a) the graphics, intro, music and gameplay drew me in..... b) my first days of "mapping" games, and finally, c) halopecia started,

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Old 04 May 2006, 22:44   #19
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Beast 3 by far was the best - it was playable and the graphics (although dull) where nice. My favorite part was crushing that dog thing in the first level.
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Old 04 May 2006, 22:51   #20
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Beast 1 is still the game with the best gfx, but is an unforgiving game. Beast 2 isn't quite so pretty, but is even harder to play. Beast 3's awful ones always tended to put me off the supposed good gameplay.
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