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Floppy disk Registering & Purchasing Amiga OxyPatcher

Hi all Amigan's from all over the world,

What I'm trying to do is to enhance my high-end "Amiga's" such as my Amiga 1200/060 Tower, Amiga 4000 PPC/060 Tower and Amiga 2000/060 Systems by obtaining the OxyPatcher....

I know this is a relatively old released commercial product ($25-$27USD) - I cannot find it no more..
According to the below URL, the reseller's hyperlinks no longer work:


So can the author be reached in order to buy this? Or is it freely available as freeware now? I've checked Aminet and other sources on the net to no avail

Where can I get the OxyPatcher to accelerate my Amiga's using in conjunction with HSMathsLibs? I wish to get an 040, 060 & FPU versions for it :-) I hope somebody out here knows and/or has some pointers.... Many thanx in advance...

Carry on Amigan's because Amiga rulez forever,
x signed by Dannyboy in OZ

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Well, have a look at: http://grandis.nu:81/eabsearch/searc...xclude=&limit=
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Originally Posted by zipper View Post

I did receive a private message regarding this on EAB FTP Server. I will investigate to see if it's the FULL version. I'm way from home. I can also see patched versions. Has anyone applied the patch. There are multiple entries there, which to use for latest version I do not know

/Commodore_Amiga/App/Disk/OxyPatcher (1997)(Oxyron).zip
/Commodore_Amiga/Misc/The Zone!/O/OxyPatcher314.lha
/Commodore_Amiga/TOSEC/TOSEC [2016-01-03]/Commodore Amiga - Applications - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2015-10-25_CM)/OxyPatcher (1997)(Oxyron).zip
/~Uploads/BippyM/Tosec (2018-07-27) - Individual Files/Commodore Amiga - Applications - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2018-03-05)/OxyPatcher (1997)(Oxyron).zip
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3.14 is the latest afaik, it doesn't need the command openoxypport anymore in the startup-sequence like the earlier versions.
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You might also want to take a look at MMULib, it comes with the tool MuRedox. As far as I understand it does the same thing as Oxypatcher/Cyberpatcher.

The MMULibs package includes 68060.library and 68040.library that fixes the compatibility issues that the newer processor has (just like the libraries included with the card). MuRedox tries to patch FPU instructions in programs that use 68882 instructions directly instead of going through the FPU libraries.

I'm sure there are some differences between the different patchers, and while they might perform a bit different it's probably something you can only measure with a benchmarking tool, not something you'd really notice.

MMULib is still updated and fixes a few bugs no one knew about in the 90's when the other libraries were written.

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