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Is OS 3.9 worth it?

Hi All,

I have recently acquired a CD of OS 3.9 - Is it a good idea to install OS 3.9 on my A2000? Or will it just chew up memory for not much more functionality? (Specs: 68020, FPU, 12Mb fast RAM, OCS)

I use this machine for animation (2D and 3D), not fussed about surfing the net or anything.

Keen to hear people experience with OS 3.9...
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I don't like it. But I am a BetterWb user who is happy with a 4 colour workbench.
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Old 18 October 2016, 13:19   #3
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3.5/9 is appropriate if you use software and hardware from the late 90s and later, large hard drives, graphics cards etc. It isn't really intended for a stock or only slightly expanded system.
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I would rather check what your animation programs support. If they make use of more RAM, CPU and maybe gfx card than it might be a better solution to upgrade this parts.
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Old 18 October 2016, 15:00   #5
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I kinda like OS3.9, the only thing I dislike is Glowicons because they are slow and IMO not very good looking - but they can be exchanged for MagicWB-icons instead and then it feels very similiar to 3.1 in speed but with some more modern updates.
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Old 19 October 2016, 16:44   #6
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You might find it slows down your system on an '020 and adds relatively little. I've gone back to 3.1 recently and haven't found any reason to regret that move yet.
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Old 19 October 2016, 16:48   #7
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I like to use 3.9 on 030 or faster systems, but for an 020 I would stick with 3.1 or perhaps try 3.5. When I had an ACA620 in my 600, I liked using Scalos (from ClassicWB) over Workbench. Feels relatively modern without too much bloat.
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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Personally I think ClassicWB 3.5 is delightful for a modestly expanded (020+) Amiga with atleast 8MB of FAST RAM.

This will use about 3MB of FAST RAM on Boot which should leave you a good 8MB to play with =)

OS3.9 will use a tad more some what closer to 5MB of FAST RAM if it can take it and I would humbly suggest the use of a 16MB system with a FAST 020 (25MHz +) or 030 as a minimum for this OS. Although in saying this you could get away with a 16MHz 020 if you were running DMA based SCSI as this off-loads a fair amount of work from the CPU.

Alternatively ClassicWorkbench 68k or ClassicWorkbench Advanced are also great desktops.

I have yet to try AmiBench on any Amiga which is something I do plan on doing soon.
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Old 20 October 2016, 00:47   #9
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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

Alternatively ClassicWorkbench 68k or ClassicWorkbench Advanced are also great desktops.

I recently acquired an A1200 which has (what I now know to be) ClassicWBLITE on it and was wondering why it was so different from the WB3.1 on my A2000...

Can someone explain exactly what Classic WB is? Is it a 'theme' or skin for WB?

Will I lose my installed programs/utilities if I install ClassicWB over top of my 3.1 system?

Sorry, this is is probably a really noob question...
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Old 20 October 2016, 01:18   #10
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ClassicWB is a workbench pack - http://classicwb.abime.net - and it is designed for a 'fresh' install of Workbench.
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To add to esc - ClassicWB pack includes original WB, many tools as well fixes for WB that you usually don't have applied on regular 3.1 WB all while preserving chip memory, to ensure all programs will work fine.

Add to this options you get when booting with right mouse button being pressed (run WHDLoad game without loading workbench to preserve memory) - ClassicWB is clear winner as an OS for Amiga hardware.

Easy to install, just copy and rename your kickstart images once done installing to ensure all WHDLoad games will work, and you are all set. Full version should work on anything over 2MB, LITE is meant for not upgraded A1200, while 68K is meant for Amiga 500/2000 without low memory and no AGA chip.
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Personally I have 3 A1200s and they all run OS3.9. If you spend much time doing "serious" work, using Workbench and so on then it makes the Workbench a far nicer place to be. When I use 3.1 nowadays it feels so much more limited, it can be surprising the number of things you get used to in 3.9 that are missing from 3.1. Of course you can add hacks and patches to 3.1 to add some of these things, but not everything can be reproduced (e.g. Workbench's ARexx port), and it's nice to have everything together in the one package.

Some of the downsides have been mentioned before (extra RAM usage and slightly slower), but if you have the RAM to spare and have a fast 020 or better, it's well worth it IMHO.
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Old 22 October 2016, 12:29   #13
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There's quite a few differences between vanilla 3.1 and 3.9 but it's easy enough to close the gaps.

I have 3.1 on my a1200 which started as a classic WB lite package but has been tweaked to bring in lots of 3.9 functionality. The tweaking is pretty easy to do, just a bit of effort and research. I have 3.9 on my a4000 with boing bags 1 and 2 installed. Other than some minor ui differences I see essentially no difference in the two operating systems in daily use if you're comparing a classic WB build to a bb2 3.9 build.

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