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How to play RSI Mega Demo on WinUAE?

Hi, guys.

I'm trying to play the Red Sector Megademo (1989) using WinUAE. However, I need to fiddle with the settings.

If I set the emulator up to use 512k of chip RAM and 512k of slow RAM, it will get stuck on one of the loading screens during the first disk. I can fix this by removing the slow RAM. Incidentally, I remember that this was a bug with the actual hardware back in the day - in order to play the RSI megademo on real Amiga hardware, I had to remove my extra 512k RAM from the trapdoor.

However, it then develops a bug where it cycles through the next few demos without playing them, and never prompts for the second disk. I can't seem to find the setting that fixes this.

Once again, I remember this sometimes happened with real hardware. So if anything it shows that the emulator is emulating perfectly - with all bugs!

Any ideas?

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Did you download your copy linked from pouet or bitfellas? For me both versions were DMS files and have problems with skipping sections.

Please see my thread about it here
and last post on this thread

I forgot where I get my version from but try searching for "RSI Megademo ADF" and try some ADF versions.

I do have the correct files at home somewhere but I'm at work right now.
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In Amiga Forever it seems to use KS 1.2. There's a WHDLoad installer for it, too.
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Using the working images I can get it to play perfectly all the way through on my A600 with KS1.3. It doesn't seem to mind what memory expansions I have in at the time either. The only problem for me was those pesky DMS images.
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I actually thought this was a 1meg demo, kickstart 1.3
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The RSI Mega Demo runs on any OCS/ECS Kick1.2/1.3 Amiga with 512kB Chip-RAM and only 1 floppy drive (df0).
So deactivate df1/2/3 or use 1MB Chip-RAM, since every floppy drive uses it's own Chip-RAM buffer.

This Mega Demo did even load on Delta's machine, this was some kind of "quality mark" back then .. lol

I just made a test run with WinUAE to make sure i'm telling no bullshit.
But my memory is still working fine.
And i can still answer all the questions in the last part of this Mega Demo.
Not bad after more than 20 years.

But use only verified ADF images from TOSEC!
Like "RSI Megademo (1989)(RSI)(Disk 1 of 2).adf" and "RSI Megademo (1989)(RSI)(Disk 2 of 2).adf".
You can download them from planetemu.net if you don't got these images.
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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
I actually thought this was a 1meg demo, kickstart 1.3
In 1989 demos were still working on a bog standard 512k Amiga.
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I have always used this config: A500, K1.3, 512kchip, 512kfast.

And on the real thing - A1200 and Relokick 1.3.

Been a long time since ive fired that program up mind
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The RSI Mega Demo disk images work fine using WinUAE version 0.6.6 pr2.
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Thanks boys

The secret is that some of the disks that are on the Net are buggy.

It is known that there were more than 10 versions of this megademo released, which have different versions of the scrolltext, so I'm guessing that at least one of them was corrupt or has been corrupted and the data corruption has propagated.

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Carlos Ace
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I remember that an unoficial fix version for A500+ (1 Mega chip) was made (i saw various ads in magazines that were selling it as shareware).
I´m still searching...
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There is some fix on Aminet http://aminet.net/package/demo/mega/rsimdfix
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