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VBCC assembler linking syntax?

I'm trying to call some assembler code (which has been compiled into an object using PhxAss) from my 'C' code.

For gcc I have to do this kind of crap:

void c2p1x1_8_c5_bm_stub(UWORD chunkyx, UWORD chunkyy, UWORD scroffsx, UWORD scroffsy, UBYTE *chunkyscreen, UBYTE *bitmap) {
register UWORD _chunkyx __asm("d0") = chunkyx;
register UWORD _chunkyy __asm("d1") = chunkyy;
register UWORD _scroffsx __asm("d2") = scroffsx;
register UWORD _scroffsy __asm("d3") = scroffsy;
register UBYTE *_chunkyscreen __asm("a0") = chunkyscreen;
register UBYTE *_bitmap __asm("a1") = bitmap;
__asm volatile ( "jsr _c2p1x1_8_c5_bm" : : "r" (_chunkyx), "r" (_chunkyy), "r" (_scroffsx), "r" (_scroffsy), "r" (_chunkyscreen), "r" (_bitmap) : "d4", "d5", "d6", "d7", "a2", "a3", "a4", "cc", "memory");
And for SAS/C it looks like you need to do this kind of thing:
void __asm c2p1x1_cpu3blit1_queue_init (
register __d0 UWORD chunkyx, // width
register __d1 UWORD chunkyy, // height
register __d3 UWORD scroffsy, // y offset
register __d5 ULONG bplsize, // modulo to next plane
register __d6 ULONG signals1,
register __d7 ULONG signals3,
register __a2 struct Task *thistask,
register __a3 struct Task *othertask,
register __a4 UBYTE *chipbuff);
How about VBCC?

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Check the manual.


"3.5.2 Register Parameters"
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Oh, good old RTFM

So basically:

void c2p1x1_8_c5_bm(__reg("d0") int chunkyx, __reg("a2") Task *thistask);
Looks neat enough, thanks Kalms
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