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Got the fever back
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Those Damn EA games

Well here are 3 titles I cannot get to work to the point where they are playable. I've tried with winuae and fellow.

Archon, Archon II and arctic Fox.

Archon and Arctic fox crash at the same point at the EA logo..
Archon II I cant seem to start a game and there are graphic glitches. Yes, I have tried BTTR's config with winuae 0.8.16R2

If anyone has been able to get these to work please let me know.

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Old 08 June 2001, 03:22   #2
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I have tried these games with great success.

Archon and Archon II both use the OCS chipset and Kickstart 1.2 and probably won't work with fastmem. Take a look at the games list on the Back To Roots site for chipset and kickstart rom version for each game.

Also, these games were among the first games to come out on an amiga and were some some cases written for an Amiga 1000 which used an OCS chipset. Try just using Chip ram and 68000 CPU. You will have to do some experimenting with speed settings depending on how the speed of your PC.

I hope this helps,

Gerry C.
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Got the fever back
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I've tried all that.. I fear the copies I have are corrupt. A lot of what I have is from my actual amiga collection.. time to try some alternatives..
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Old 10 June 2001, 18:57   #4
Gerry C.
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You can get 2 of the 3 games you are trying to get working from Ami Sector One. They have Archon I and II. Although you only need to download one of them since they are on a compilation disk. The compilation disk has:

Archon I
One on One
Archone II

Archon I and II work great, but One on One crashes. Maybe it is a config problem, but I haven't been able to get it to work.

I went to check Arctic Fox again, to make sure of my previous post and I was mistaken. The ADF of Arctic Fox does not work.
If I find a working version of it, I will let you know.


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Got the fever back
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Thanks for the info.. I realized going through my stuff that I have this version.. I've heard you can get one on one working with the right config as well but I havent checked it out yet.. thanks..
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Old 11 June 2001, 09:46   #6
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One On One

Here is the working One On One config:

512k Chip only

Kick 1.2

68000; Slow but more compatible; Adjustable between CPU and chipset (9)

Chipset: OCS

Beyond those things, the remainder is up to personal preference. Good luck!
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Old 12 June 2001, 02:22   #7
Gerry C.
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I tried those settings, and it loaded but just before the game would start is would come up with a guru med.

I am starting to think that the One On One game is corrupt.

Is your One On One on a single ADF or a compilation disk?
(Mine is on a compilation disk with Archon I & II, I beleive I got it off Ami Sector One)

I would be very interested in getting a working copy of this game. I have the original disk and game docs, but I can't get a good ADF version of it (Same goes with Arctic Fox).

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One on One disk

I uploaded that compilation disk some time ago to my site. I remember getting swamped with requests for it. Think I had it on a cd and didn't even know what 'one on one' was at the time. (I'm not a sports fan)

When i uploaded it to my site, someone else on another site made a config that worked for it using kickstart 1.2 or something. Here's the config. I seem to remember I got archon 1 & 2 to work as well, might not have been using that config though.

It might require one of the old versions of winuae to work too, cos I seem to be having problems using it with the latest version.

Removed config

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