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Worth getting?

I was just looking at http://www.amigatopc.com/index.htm and I've been thinking about getting this, have any of you got one and is it worth it?


seems I've put it in the wrong section :S

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Depends on how much £15 and a bit of time is worth. Exactly the same software (well, advert at least) can be found on ebay. All the software is essentially PD, and the parallel cable details can be found in the Aminet hard hacks section.

There again, for some people the prebuilt cable and, say 3 day wait for delivery, might be worth £15.

Much faster results can be obtained using Samba (public domain) and a network cable.
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Depends which Amiga you have.

A1200 or A600 it is not worth getting when you can get a PCMCIA ethernet card cheaper.

Plus this website is run by crooks and you'd be lucky to get your stuff and even if you did would you really want to fund these people?
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I had one of these years ago, from my A1200 030-40Mhz to my Pentium-something Win'95 PC.

Transferring files took an age and all the CPU on the Amiga. If it's the same software on the PC, it annoyingly only runs in a DOS window so you can't run it in the background. Maybe it's been updated in the past 10 years ?

You'd be better with an ethernet link if that's possible.
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