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embarassing question re: Installing WB 2.1

Hi all,

this is embarassing that I have to ask here about installing Workbench 2.1, but I've got to be missing a step somewhere.

I have an A600 with Kickstart 37.300 (2.05) and a 40MB IDE drive and I'm trying to install Workbench 2.1.

If I boot with the Install disk (disk 1 of 5) and run the HDPrep program, the HDD is recognised (ST9051A) and I can delete and re-partition it ,but when I press SAVE it tells me 'No Changes' (this might be my problem).

I can then format and rename the hard drive and run the Install2.1 script and all files will be copied to the HDD and at the end I'll be told to eject all disks and reboot.

Now here's the problem - when I reboot I get the purple boot screen. The HDD doesn't appear to be recognised. If I boot using the WB 2.1 Install disk there is no HDD icon on the workbench, however if I run the HDPrep program again the HDD appears on the desktop and I can access and run all the files on the HDD.

Why isn't the HDD recognised at boot? Any suggestions on trying to fix it?

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I don't think that HDPrep is the right program to use. Use HDToolbox instead (it's in the HDTools directory if the Install disk). If you have the Install disk of WB 3.1, use its HDToolbox instead, it's far better.

Now, there are two problems I could imagine why the HDD is not recognised:

1. Kick 37.300 still has problems with HDDs. You perhaps might need 37.350 which is the latest 2.0 ROM. However, if you decide to upgrade, you should go directly to Kick 3.1 (40.xx).

2. Some HDDs need too long to initialise after a reset. In this case cutting the reset line of the IDE cable might help. The reset line is the one connected to pin 1 of the motherboard. Be sure you have a replacement cable at hand in case you cut too deep :-)
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No changes could just mean the HD is already partitioned the way you told it to partition the drive.

There should be 3 steps (I just installed OS 2.1 on my A3000 a few days ago).

Boot from the install disk. Prep the HD so that the OS can see it. Format the HD using the formatting icon, which will give you a HD0: or something like that. Rename the HD to WB_2.X and run the Install icon script to actualy install the OS onto the HD (it will ask for the other disks and the workbench disk is the one called Boot). Once you have all this done you should be able to reboot into Workbench.
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Hi guys, thanks for the help!

Thomas you were bang on with your suggestion, I cut line #1 and the HDD isn't initially detected when you turn on the power, so you need to do a soft reboot and then it detects and boots the HDD.
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I had this type of problem with my A600 - it had 37.300 revision kickstart and I couldn't get it to boot with my HD. So I upgraded to Kickstart 3.1 and it worked fine with the same drive and cable.

As thomas said, I think 37.350 is the first autobooting KS revision - or maybe the timings are just slighty stingy to detect the drive properly in earlier versions....
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