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CD32,CDTV and Amiga games for sale

I know I don't post much here anymore, but would anyone be interested in any of these games? Need money so am having to sell alot of my stuff. I have feedback on http://www.digitpress.com, under name of towerofsong and on ebay.co.uk, username is remstalker.
Only accept paypal
Prices negotiable
have more stuff lying around just need to find it
Also have CD32 mags if anyone is interested
This is posted elsewhere


Welcome to CDTV Multimedia - Loose (Badly scratched but reads fine in PC so assume it would be fine in CDTV) 50p
Insight Dinosaurs - Complete (Mint) £3
Mind Run - No Front cover (Lightly scratched) £2
The Connoisseur Fine Art Collection - Complete (Lightly scratched) £3
Snoopy The Case of the Missing Blanket - Complete (Really really scratched but reads OK in PC) £1
My Paint - Complete (Light Scratches) £3
Time Table of History - Complete (One evil scratch but looks ok) £2
The Case of the Cautious Condor - Complete (Light scratches) £6
Hutchunson Enyclopedia - Complete (CD is so scratched it's not even a CD anymore, more like modern art, too scared to try in PC) 50p

CD32 - All are in Jewel cases with back and front cover (unless stated), can't find the big boxes, but they maybe around somewhere

Gunship 2000 - Complete Long Box (CD in good condition) £6
Insight Technology - Complete (lots of scratches, plays fine) £3
The Clue - Complete (hundreds of scratches, but plays ok...dunno how) £3
Universe - Missing manual but has "Joyriders Guide" (Lots of light scratches, plays fine) £4
Premiere - Complete (Heavvily scratched, played OK) £1
Microcosm - Complete (Light scratches) £4
Diggers+Oscar - Only front cover (Light scratches) £3
Simon the Sorcerer - Complete (Lots and lots of scratches, plays fine) £4
6 CD32 Demo discs - All loose (Varying conditions, but all work) £4
Fears - Complete (One or two evil scratches but OK) £4
Dangerous Streets + Wing Commander - Complete (Great condition) £5
Chaos Engine - Complete (Scratched but works fine) £4
Theme Park - Cardboard holder (Badly scratched but reads fine in PC so assume it would be fine in CD32) £2
Death Mask - Loose (Lots of light scratches) £2
Super Stardust - Complete (Great condition) £4
Defender of the Crown 2 - Loose but with manual (Heavily scratched) £2
Gloom - Complete (Light scratches) £3
Liberation - Complete (Small light scratches) £5
PGA European Tour Golf - No manual (Bad condition but works) £2
Alien Breed: Tower Assault - No manual (Light Scratches) £4
Guardian - Complete (lots of scratches, plays ok) £3
Little Divil - Big box has gone missing (lots of scratches, plays fine) £4
Super Skidmarks - Complete (Lots of light scratches) £3
Rise of the Robots - No manual (Lots of scratches) £2


[b]Big Red Adventure CD - Complte (Light scratches) £5
Shadow of the Beast (Long Box) - Complete but no T-Shirt £6
Star Trek 25th Anniversery - Complete £5
Print StudioProfessional II - Complete £6
Alien Breed 3D - Complete £6
The Killing Grounds 2 - Complete £6
Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Complete (Scuffed box) £5
Lure of the the Temptress - Complete £5

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hi, know its been a while since you posted this, but do you still have any of this?

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