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Kickstart 3.0 and WB3.1 compatibility

In a lot of youtube videos, when I see people installing classicwb and whdload onto a compact flash, their real amiga is running on kickstart rom 3.1 and they select the kickstart 3.1 rom and workbench 3.1 adf in winuae when setting up the partitions, installing customwb and whdload. My real amiga is running on kickstart 3.0 so would I have to use that kickstart rom and the workbench 3.0 adfs on winuae instead when setting up the partitions and installing classic wb/whdload?

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You can use the 3.1 software with a 3.0 ROM just fine.
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In general Workbench 3.1 works just fine with 3.0 roms, I ran my Amiga 1200 like that for years. Maybe there were a few problems, I can’t remember exactly, but in the end it was a better experience than WB 3.0 which is a bit buggy.

Putting real 3.1 or 3.1.4 roms in there would of course be better though. If you have an accelerator it’s probably possible to softkick the 3.1 rom too.
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3.1 workbench will boot on 3.0, but you will run into some more esoteric font issues in some things, etc. It's mostly little niggling stuff not a huge deal.

On the hardware end though 3.1 has some good bugfixes and performance improvements and you definitely want to upgrade to it, either by installing physical ROMs or softkicking (even if you have the physical 3.1 ROMs, softkicking is a good idea in general for speed reasons if you have any sort of CPU upgrade). Moreover all sorts of third-party utilities either require or work better with 3.1.
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