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Old 09 October 2017, 20:31   #1
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cyberzerk one floppy disc vs. two floppy discs

i own cyberzerk in original which has only one floppy disc. it is working and playable.
but i can't copy it into .adf using adfer 1.2, output does not boot or work in winuae.

so i downloaded cyberzerk from zone (gamebase 2). this version has two floppy discs.
question is: what is the difference between one floppy disc and two floppy disc version?
and when is floppy disc 2 needed? downloaded version works and is playable in winuae.
but it didn't ask for disc 2...
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Old 10 October 2017, 07:39   #2
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The original game most probably uses long tracks which means it uses more data than a single 880k disk can hold. Disk 2 is probably needed once you completed a few levels or when showing the end-sequence etc.
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Old 10 October 2017, 12:30   #3
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there seems to be a single disk version of the game included in TOSEC by the same cracking group ACS. Cyberzerk (1993)(boeder)[cr ACS][t +10 ATX].zip
maybe the single disk version has some content removed like intro screen or something.
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Old 10 October 2017, 12:34   #4
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maybe data is better compressed without removing anything
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Old 10 October 2017, 13:04   #5
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thanks, i will try to complete the game and watch this.
are these long tracks the reason i could not copy my disc to .adf using adfer?
how could i save such an uncommon floppy disc to .adf?
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Old 07 January 2020, 19:18   #6
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I just played through the entire 1-disk cracked version in tosec, [cr ACS][t+10 ATX] (with all trainers activated, this game is hard!), and I can confirm everything is there, including the short end sequence.

The bonus stages didn't have any trainers, so there could be something I missed there, but I doubt it.

Strangely, the cracktro still has a text about swapping disks at the flashing screen, so the data were probably compressed by someone else.

And in the trainer there is mentioned that the game has a bug in the form of a graphic error on player 2, but it worked fine for me. (winuae with typical ocs settings, KS1.2, 1Mb, best compability)
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Old 18 January 2020, 19:23   #7
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i confirm that there is no difference from 1 floppy disk and 2 floppy disk. i made fast try with first loading, intro sequence and first level. Maybe the difference it was only normal and budget version.
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