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Smile I can't type an apostrophe or numbers MBP

Hi Frode.

I am sorry I may be missing something obvious in the launcher/config.

One of my 6 year old daughters likes Fun School Spelling. It consists of a series of mini games, some of which only require to click the correct answer (fine) but others require a word to be typed. It is all about punctuation and knowing the difference between "its" and "it's".

But try as I might I can't get an apostrophe to be inputted.

I might need to abandon this game as the UI is a bit crap - I have not been able to work out how to change the level of the game or save to a save disk (although one is included in the TOSEC download for it!).

OK cheers again for this great emulator!!

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Hi, what key to press depends on what "keymap" is used on the Amiga (in Workbench prefs) - well, if this game uses those settings.

If the Amiga thinks you have an American keyboard, try pressing the key two keys to the right of L on your keyboard. On the other hand if the Amiga thinks you have a British keyboard (or several other Europen layouts), try the key above tab (to the left of 1 on your number row).
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Thanks Frode! It was the key above tab. Now she can play all the games in 'Fun School' - as she enjoys word puzzles and there are quite a lot of nice programs in TOSEC by the looks of it.

Much appreciated!!


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