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Graham Humphrey
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EAB/Lemon Super League 2017: Schedule and Changes

We have left this a bit later than normal, as voting is due to start on Sunday, but that's unfortunately due to other commitments recently. Anyway...

We've had some discussions and also based on feedback received, we've decided to juggle the schedule slightly next year, to hopefully spread out the double rounds a bit better than we have been doing. Just to clarify now that we will still have the same number of rounds, same number of games played and the same types of round, just the order is a little different. Here goes... (more info is below) [double rounds are in bold]

Leg 1 [Rounds 1-7]
Jan 01 - Jan 14: Round One voting
Jan 15 - Feb 04: Round One

Jan 15 - Jan 28: Round Two voting [Theme: Games reviewed in selected issues of a magazine]
Feb 05 - Feb 25: Round Two [Theme: TBC]

Feb 05 - Feb 18: Round Three voting [Special Round 1: PD Games]
Feb 26 - Mar 18: Round Three [Special Round 1: PD Games]

Feb 26 - Mar 11: Round Four voting [Open Round]
Mar 19 - Apr 08: Round Four [Open Round]

Mar 19 - Apr 01: Round Five voting
Apr 09 - Apr 29: Round Five

Apr 09 - Apr 22: Round Six voting [Special Round 2: Year]
Apr 30 - May 20: Round Six [Special Round 2: Year]

Apr 30 - May 13: Round Seven voting [Mystery Round]
May 21 - Jun 10: Round Seven [Mystery Round]

Leg 2 [Rounds 8-14]
Jun 18 - Jul 01: Round Eight voting [Open Round]
Jul 02 - Jul 22: Round Eight [Open Round]

Jul 02 - Jul 15: Round Nine voting [Special Round 3: Alphabet]
Jul 23 - Aug 12: Round Nine [Special Round 3: Alphabet]

Jul 23 - Aug 05: Round Ten voting
Aug 13 - Sep 02: Round Ten

Aug 13 - Aug 26: Round Eleven voting [Theme: Beat-Em-Ups]
Sep 03 - Sep 23: Round Eleven [Theme: TBC]

Sep 03 - Sep 16: Round Twelve [Special Round 4: Open]
Sep 24 - Oct 14: Round Twelve [Special Round 4: Open]

Sep 24 - Oct 07: Round Thirteen voting
Oct 15 - Nov 04: Round Thirteen

Oct 15 - Oct 28: Round Fourteen voting [Mystery Round]
Nov 05 - Nov 25: Round Fourteen [Mystery Round]

Theme Rounds: Last year we had coin-op and film licence themed rounds. These seemed to go down reasonably well but the intention was to always find different themes every year. So this time, for the first theme round, we've decided to allow voting only for games that were reviewed in a certain period of an Amiga magazine's history (including re-releases and PD games). The issues will be grouped together so it's like a little walk through a snapshot of Amiga history. Mags and issues to be confirmed at the time the voting starts (we're working on this as we speak). The second one will genre based, so this time we're opting for beat-em-ups - not the Amiga's best genre, but we have never played very many and it's a more diverse subject than you may think with one or two interesting titles, so we may end up with something a little different.

2010 Games Back In Voting: Of the 17 games we played in 2010, 15 of these are now eligible to be played again in normal rounds (the only exceptions being Lotus 2 and Super Hang-On as they have been played in Open Rounds since then). Also it's worth remembering the majority of 2008 and 2009 games are still in play.

Double Round Voting: We've decided to revert back to our tried and trusted 'top two games in the vote win' method for every double round and completely ditch the 'winner picks second game' rule, as towards the end of the season especially it could potentially provide an unfair advantage with the previous winner picking a game and settings to suit them.

Hopefully there are no problems with this, but if anything is unclear or if there's any other questions, feel free to post...
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Awesome. I can't wait for next years Super League to start
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I think dropping 'Winner Picks a Second Game' was the fairest way to go. For the double rounds, the winner of the previous round still gets double votes, so their choices could influence both games being played. Winners of the Double Rounds also get double votes, but if one player wins both games in one double round, they get triple votes for the next game. So its not out of the question to get a winning run, if a player is dedicated enough to earn that merit by scoring consistently at the top level.
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I agree, dropping the winner picking the second game is right.

Really looking forward to getting stuck back in...I wonder if my 2008 prediction of a "monkey island speed run" will come up this year��. That's a joke btw.

Edit: any I like the magazine idea. I often trawl through AMR reading AA back issues so I think it's a cool idea.

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Happy with the changes. As only me second year this year hoping to get thoroughly involved and beaten in every round
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