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I don't think you could make roads through the forests in the original either. But then again, there were only trees here and there on the map, so you just went around them.
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In the orignal you can make roads through the forest(trees) but you can't set Flags too close to trees!
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Do people here know that.........

a licensed conversion of Settlers 2 for Amiga 68K/PPC was being coded by Titan in 1998/99?

The story went that Titan had finished the Settlers 2 Engine (without any source code) and asked Blue Byte for the graphics and sounds when they informed Titan that they were not going to sign the license agreement.

The official line (in German) that Blue Byte gave for their actions was that they had doubts about Titan's ability to convert and/or provide ongoing support for an Amiga version of Settlers 2:


They didn't want their reputation and the legacy of one of their most successful game series compromised by a slack or inept 3rd party publisher. They stuck to their guns despite pleas and abuse in email from disappointed Amigans.

Below is the only game pic that I've ever come across from the Amiga conversion.
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Old 07 August 2006, 10:18   #24
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Settlers 2 - 10th aniversary edition is looking really great, I'm going to buy it when it hits the shelves.

I really, really, REALLY did not like Settlers 5 at all. It may be fun the first few plays and it indeed is a lot like Warcraft, but after those first few plays repetion sets in. There is just nothing to keep you going, its just the same over and over again This is a flaw in all Settlers games actually, but the old ones were fun to look at with all the things happening on screen to keep you from getting bored, while S5 is just very plain looking like any other RTS which is not fun when a single game can take hours.

However I have yet to try S5 in multiplay, that would be a lot more fun I reckon.
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Yesssss! Been looking at screenshots for the The Settlers 2 - 10th anniversary..... roads are back in! Well, to me, it makes a difference.....

Even more pics: http://uk.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/t...reenindex.html
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Old 07 August 2006, 22:10   #26
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The remake is almost exactly the old game, so of course roads are in. But what I really like is the internet play option that has been added... that is going to rock my world. I hope you can save an online session though, I'd hate to have to spend hours to finish a game :s
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Y'know... in all the years network play has been around, I've never attempted to play a full on network PC game against others from around the world! I obviously haven't lived yet... unless you can count hurling abuse at bad losers in Yahoo Pool?

The Settlers 2 - Heritage of Kings has network play but I KNOW that as soon as I challenge someone, I'll get me arse kicked! heh heh. I'm still learning to get to grips with the game anyhow...
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Old 08 August 2006, 21:53   #28
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Originally Posted by quahappy
I've just made a big gamble of buying The Settlers - Heritage of Kings for my PC yesterday... the first game I've bought for PC instead of PS2 for a change, and already I've been up half of last night playing the damn thing! Yeah - fab graphics, atmospheric sfx/music, etc. and a LOT to absorb in this version. But I'm finding fault with it already (maybe cos I'm spoilt with the Amiga one?!)....

No roads! - in the Amiga version, to me it made the whole "city" looked more realistic as your workers toddled along connecting roads.

Landscape generator - where the feck has that gone? Limited to a few custom ones.

No demo mode! - I used to love watching towns rise from the ground / battles being fought, etc. none of this in PC version.

Hey-ho - maybe I'm just nit-picking?! Or it could be that I'm getting old and prefer the simplicity of the Amiga version?

The latest release certainly sounds promising though and I'm REALLY hoping it retains the gameplay of the original Settlers.

yeah it sucks the way they removed the roads i used to love building up a cool road system to stop mass pile up of stuff

i prefer the origanal version aswell
in the remake of sett 2 i can see roads in the screenshots

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Just played the first three missions of the campaign. All in all I can say its a nice game, but I still think the 3D-view gets in the way more than it helps.
I only know settlers 1 & 3, so I cant tell how close to S2 the remake is, but in comparison to S1 there are a few annoying things.
First maps are huge, I mean HUGE, it takes alot of time till you get near the enemy and to keep production up you basically have to drag wood/stone production along the way to get rid of trees & stones which wont allow efficient infrastructure&roads (Those farms take massive space). The game feels alot "slower" than S1 because of that.
Using ships to start a new colony somewhere the game is dragging.
If you remove roads/building you loose all goods they might contain, quite sucks as you will be realigning your roads a few times during/after de-foresting.
No simple command to get your high-ranking soldiers to the front, and replacing them with noobs so they can advance.
you cant tell the tools-smith to produce "2" pickaxes next because you need them, instead you can tell him to produce nothing but pickaxes - hope you dont get distracted/forget about it and find out latter you have 30 of them spare. Happens all the time to me

Those are the most annoying things IMHO, in short I would`ve prefered a S1-remake
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Old 15 September 2006, 01:32   #30
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i just tried to install settlers on my hd but its a jst file and for some reason my miggy doesnt like jst. Does anyone know if there is a whdload version kicking about? and if so, could some kind person upload it to the zone for me please please please?

oh and settlers V sucks much ass, nothing at all like the original, no industries etc, just a very simple strat game - makes aoe 1 look complex
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Old 19 September 2006, 03:17   #31
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Well i just tried it and it looks AWESOME to me but then again i never had the patience to play the Amiga version properly (and no instructions either but thats another story ) Anyway as already said here roads are back and it looks great to me all i am missing is the original music looked for a remix but i don't like the tranced up version thats on Amiga Remix site.

Has anyone got the original Settlers tune in mp3??? i should be able to rename it to play in the demo version i have
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I play Settlers 2 on my Amiga with ShapeShifter and also have the PC version. First I thought the original Amiga version is better but after playing S2 I played S1 again and boy is it showing its age...

Not to say that S2 isn't old;-).

Anyway it is a really cool game; i'm going to try the PC remake demo now...
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I noticed a crack for the demo that removes the time limit. I think I found it using torrentspy.

If you want to try the demo to its fullest
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