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Trouble with macro parameters in VASM

I'm doing some experimental stuff right now for a driver, and the macros I need for it work in other assemblers except VASM... It's not Amiga stuff, but the person who works on the source of the VASM (Phx) is here.

So basically,

z80word MACRO Value
	dc.w	((Value)&$FF)<<8|((Value)&$FF00)>>8

DAC_Entry MACRO Pitch, Sample, Flags
	dc.b	Flags			; 00h	- Flags
	dc.b	Pitch			; 01h	- Pitch
	dc.b	(Sample>>15)&$FF	; 02h	- Start Bank
	dc.b	(Sample_End>>15)&$FF	; 03h	- End Bank
	z80word	(Sample)|$8000		; 04h	- Start Offset (in Start bank)
	z80word	(Sample_End-1)|$8000	; 06h	- End Offset (in End bank)

; Dac Entries
        DAC_Entry $05,CymbalSnare,pri
The problem: The entry right at the bottom of the code is supposed to treat Sample_End in the DAC_Entry macro as "CymbalSnare_End", but instead, the assembler interprets "Sample" in "Sample_End" it as a regular label together and not a macro tag.

Please Phx, fix this as soon as possible. Psy-ASM68k uses a slash to seperate the tag from the label, like so:


Edit: tl;dr:

z80word (Sample_End-1)|$8000 ; 06h - End Offset (in End bank)
z80word (CymbalSnare_End-1)|$8000 ; 06h - End Offset (in End bank)

z80word (Sample_End-1)|$8000 ; 06h - End Offset (in End bank)
z80word (Sample_End-1)|$8000 ; 06h - End Offset (in End bank)

Error! Error!

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I understand what you mean, but your example is absolutely useless. I found no vasm syntax- or cpu-module which accepts only parts of that source.

Probably you are working with "std" or "oldstyle" syntax, as those are the only syntax modules which accept named macro arguments. But in this case all arguments have to be preceded by a backslash character ('\').

And there is already a solution to your problem. "\()" may be used to separate macro arguments from the following code. So in your case it should be:
    z80word    (\Sample\()_End-1)|$8000
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Oh, thank you so much! I didn't think for the '\()' seperator to be there, as nothing like that was in the VASM manual (unless I didn't read through the whole thing).

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