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Old 16 February 2003, 15:02   #21
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Trodas - let me say something about how i can manage smooth scrolling into WinUAE with MY yesterday experince
I just loaded up the ipf file, and presto silky smooth scrolling. And you are wrong on 100z, if your machine can keep up with a constant multiple of 50z refresh rate it is fine for PAL (or 60 for NTSC). Ie. you would see the same screen update on both an 50Hz, 100Hz or 150Hz monitor screen (TV requires to be a decent model - 100hz with latest resolution and motion compensatio technoogies like Sony DRC models, or Philips with pixel plus - for this to work, since normally it is interlaced, while monitors are no longer), so long your machine components can keep up with the update rate. Any time your machine just a bit slows down an annoying flicker is going to occur. This is due to how the human eye is sensing motion.
Your machine is either slow to keep up with a constant 50Hz emulation update, or your video driver is just reporting vsync usage capability, but it does not work, or it does work (probably not since you mention ghosting, which I assume is the same artefact known as snowing/tearing) but unfortunately the video refresh rate is not what you set, regardless of what the driver reports. You can easily check this to be the case if your monitor is capable of reporting vertical refresh rate, like all Sony models do, and probably pretty much any other decent brands.
So first step is to check the real refresh rate once emulation started, reported by your monitor. If it does match (ie 50, 100, 150hz etc) vsync is not working on your card's driver or machine can't keep up with emulation. Just start a program the does constant 50hz scrolling, horizontal problems are easier to spot, so choose a horizontal scrolling demo or game, that obviously is 50hz. Watch the edge of the screen carefully for a few minutes. If the image is distorted, like letters or images are not connecting properly, vsync is disabled. Get a decent driver or card. If it is not distorted fine, your machine is slow. If it is not slow, stop all tasks running in the background (on your pc), use taks manager or process viewer as a guide of what is running. If you burn cds, listen to mp3, use stealth backup functions, screen savers, port scanners whatever, many of them will periodically interrupt the emulation task and take resources, causing a flicker. Don't use any such programs while emulating, if you care for smooth updates.
If the refresh rate does not match in the first place get a decent driver or card, or a tool that allows custom refresh rate settings.

I'm sure somebody can continue to instruct you with this sort of thing, but as you should be able to undersand telling that something suxx, just because your setup or knowledge is lacking is not very nice.
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Old 17 February 2003, 07:22   #22
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Without any of this turning into flame wars...
I have a few things to add to this.

I think that some of the things Troda is saying may be a little misunderstood...as you can tell his english is a little off...so he may be using words that seem harsher than what he means them to be. This happens alot in these forums. (forums in general not just this one)

I may be wrong though.

Also...I dont understand half the problems people seem to have with WinUAE...I havent had ANY major problems...every game i have played (and believe me I have ALOT) has worked 100% like the original when I played it on my A1200. WinUAE is a damn fine Emu..and probably the only one you will find that will run as many pieces of software that it does for the Amiga. Every game I have tried works great except Alien Breed 3D 1 & 2..and Super Stardust I had a few glitches with...but COME ON...thats only 3 games out of hundreds. And it can be and probably will be fixed to run these titles in the future I'm sure. (I am talking on the floppy adf image side).

On the HD/Workbench emulation side I still havent had hardly any problems aside from the interlaced stuff. But I also recall a mention of that being worked on so again...no biggie.

There has most definatly been alot of work put into this, and I for one love this Emulator.

The key is your PC hardware mixed with your config. You really need to play around alot until you have your config files set up perfect and it really helps to have Amiga knowledge as well on the hardware side so you know you are setting the config up to run exactly like the machine you are trying to emulate. As I said before...after playing around alot with the configs I have found the perfect 100% A500 and A1200 configs. And every title runs 100% smooth scrolling etc. on my machine aside from the 3 I mentioned. My PC specs are:

P4 1.8Ghz
1gig RAM
Soundblaster Audigy

I dont really know what else to say, if anyone is having problems with titles not running and has a PC with specs close to or matching mine, I will be happy to provide my configs.


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...well, well...

Toni - and i dont care how it run with A500 emulation at all. WHDload or die When you once try the comfort, you never ever can come back In fact, i dont even own Turrican2 on floppy images, so - this is not possible for me to even try, desplite the fact, that its out of my sight.
A500? Hell, who cares!
And i hapilly buy faster config, when there is a reason for I mean - first the display should nto lost his colors and become defective and THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT SPEED.
First things must WORK!!!
...and im not complaining. I just mention, what happens there, when i want to try the fullscreen mode - colors get wrong and speed drop to snail speed. Thats all. When WinUAE manage +- good performace into window - i dont need better HW to show me the same on lover resolution in fullscreen.

IFW - ipf file? WTF?!?! ...and i DONT going to discuss with you about refreshes anymore, please, spare me from your blind eyes, thx The fact is, that wheather actuall refresh dont match the reall one, you get ghosting. If you dont see that, you are blind as bat OR you never ever seen real Amiga on real C=1084S monitor doing 50Hz scrolling, while image is STILL sharp as when you dont move. Thats the diference between 50, and 100 or 150 Hz.
End of discussion about it from my side.
It may sound arrogant, but i dont have time to explain entire basic about eyes, lminofor delays and such things to explain what even half-blind man must see.

And please! Dont even bother to read my config elsewhere or asking me about my 17" Eizo F520 monitor =:-DDD
You answer is pretty usedless, because as i wrote - in window - i get normal game, on fullscreen - colors get fucked up completely and with OpenGL - things are only worser. Regardless what i set into refresh.
If you dont bother to read what i write - dont bother to post big, interesting - but sadly completely usedless and enterly wrong into basic post. Thx.

Bootay - anything wrong with my english? =8-))) Or how else that "it suxx" you can rate situation, when from windowed good speed (oround the 50fps) things get completely fucked up on fullscreen? Colors wrong, huge framerate drop... etc. ...???
It seems you are satisfacted WinUAE user, dude =8-))) I have got a very big problems to even RUN some games. Some just DONT and NEVER EVER work. For example TrexWarrior. Or even IIRC GoldenAxe - only under WHDload they work. OTOH, AllTerrainRacing i dont manage to run EVEN with WHDload... =8-(((( I try from the diskimages, tought (SIGH!)...
Well, your machine is interesting, but i have very MAJOR problems with fullscreen - while into window games runs acceptable. Tommorow i tried very chipset-nasty game Overkill, and except big GFX glitches it runs acceptable (when all sprite collisions are turned off) - it dont jerk even when whole screen are full of objects =8-O Whoa.
But it dont display part (left) of it screen and also when dont run demos like Tint/TBL and ThugLife/Essence - and many others - i strongly believe that the 020+ part of emulation need very strongly more compatibility
Now is time to test the ATR from disk images...
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Old 17 February 2003, 10:45   #24
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...well, ATR from adf files works... Interesting
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Old 17 February 2003, 11:05   #25
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I don't want to sound like a dick, but I'm afraid that's how this is going to sound....

Learn how to configure the emulator before you start pissing and moaning about how much it sux! You've been posting paragraphs of crap!

Never have you said anything useful such as your PC specs! Maybe the reason that the emulator slows to a crawl for you, is because you're using a 386 SX-25?

It's been said before, but I'll restate that Toni and the rest of the UAE team have worked continuously trying to make this piece of software the best of it's kind

If you really want to help out, give Toni a proper report.

My PC spec is:
386 SX 25
2mb ram
Soundblaster 16
12 inch mono monitor
MS DOS 5.0

I'm using UAE 0.000000032

My config is:
256kb Chip ram
68000 CPU
I don't have a kickstart ROM

The problem happens on the game:
Sex Game v1.0 (1990)(Cult)[h Adept]
CRC: ffdb54de

The problem is:
When I masturbate, I don't enjoy it as much as when I'm playing this game on my real Amiga.

The exact moment it happens is when:
The emulator starts but I don't even see the Amiga Kick 1.3 hand, but I can see my hand on my dick


The biggest Douche in the universe award goes to:
Old 17 February 2003, 14:12   #26
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Hmm I'm not gonna throw mire shit into the fan, I'll just say that as much as a Real ThingĀ© lover I am, I find WinUAE to be an extremely fine piece of software. it's one of the few emulators I use from time to time, just becasue it's that fab.

In no way it's better than the Real ThingĀ© in my opinion, but it's a mighty fine job and Toni really cares about the project and hears everyone's problems and suggestions. Something you can't say about a lot of emu creators. ("I quit da sk3n3 and cancel the em00! I have been emailed by 3 lamaz asking for r0mz0rz!" sort of shite)

By the way, if you want REAL digital joysticks, get yourself a Catweasel Mk3. WinUAE already has support for it
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Old 17 February 2003, 15:03   #27
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I used to work in the game industry for years, and I know the amiga hw like the back of my hand. I used to have a couple of Amigas with in fact various monitors, and I still have a few working ones.
I know the theory of how a display/dsiplaying images work, which is obviousy out of touch for you.
There is zero difference among 50, 100, 150Hz refresh on a (not tv appliacne based) monitor, apart from your eyes popping out if you watch 50Hz constantly... Not to mention most monitors support vertical refresh rates only from 56Hz.

If you run uae in a window and the screen update is out of sync, that is expected. You should use hw overlay graphics to prevent that, so long your card can support it. Set your screen to 100Hz and use hw overlay.

I was about to say that your lack of any knowledge suxx, but I simply don't care. Solve your own problems and save the people on this board from having to read them. Your problem suxx
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Old 17 February 2003, 17:42   #28
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Big grin Getting better

Amigaboy - "I don't want to sound like a dick..." - LOL! But you cartaingly sound! So, please, come on, spare me yours impotence and small dick problems
I mentioned my confing into another tread, but if you *MUST* have it and cant come w/O it, here you have it:
1,1Ghz P3, 256MB ram, 2x 80G Seagate4 7,2k RPM drives, GF2Ti, SoundBlasterLive 5.1 and 2 ethernet cards into Abit ST6R mainboard. Running Win2000 SP3 + hotfixes, latest beta detonators 42.60 (im nVidia developer, BTW) and kx soundrivers replacement over orginal SoundBlaster drivers.
...hope you come

Akira - yea, its not bad, after all I agree.

IFW - LOL! LOL LOL LOOOOL!!! I finding pretty funny, that someone with entire lack of knowledge trying to convice me, that he is right and im the asshole, who have no idea, what he talking about
I must come on this board more often, since its lots a fun there!!!
...come on IFW, get serious! Start with buying glases, you DEFINITIVELY need one, when you dont recognizing the diference between 50Hz scrolling on 50 and 100Hz screen
And no, you are wrong and im right.

TO ALL other =;-) - well, i come there to seek some help and ask why things are that way, into UAE, and not another What i find is a bunch of retards, who insults everyone, dont saying that there are "right"... =;-)
So, to HELP someone, the problem that coolors and such things as speed are gone come from my very lame configuration mistake I dont run the datect 16bit format, so, thats why. Now there is no speed diference into window/fullscreen mode =;-)
Bad is, that with OpenGl, performace is actually lower (?! thats ok ?!) that W/O it and also that my 1,1Ghz P3 cant manage nonjerkyng basic Turrican2 scrolling - it jerks very very slightly, but jerks. There and somewhere. Not happen on my Amiga, so... either there is slight sync problem, or its jsut not fast-enought.

Futhermore, it jerks exactly same, when i have 20+ IE windows, 2x IRC and ICQ and some more other programs running - as when i exit everything, including explorer and start WinUAE from the Tasks manager =;-)

And the OS 3.9 bb2 slow booting problem still remain. Im still not conviced that this is my fault, but suggestions wellcome =;-)
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Old 17 February 2003, 17:58   #29
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The only person said you were an ass is yourself, but self-punishment is well deserved in this case
Posting lol a hundred times won't make you wise or knowledgeable at all, learn on video displays, hardware, graphics theory and programming in general. Buy a better pc... or use your real amiga if you have one at all.
You are simply trolling here for the sake of pervert amusement you can get out of it.
Go back to South Park, where you belong to, clueless kiddie - at least your avatar is well chosen.
You don't deserve being helped by anybody.
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Old 17 February 2003, 18:58   #30
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Ok Ok..
This is getting out of hand. I agree that nothing is better than the Real Thing which was mentioned. But my Real Thing (A1200) no longer works. I still have it and all my 5,000+ disks which I did transfer over to the PC before the A1200 died. But I still have had 0 problems running any games using ADF floppy emulation. WHD games have also worked fine...although I havent tried alot of them just 10 or so. JST games I have tried with 0 problems as well. Just to end this hopefully I am posting my configs for Trodas to try. My PC runs everything Ive tried aside from the 3 I mentioned, and some of the ones Trodas mentioned earlier that supposedly didnt work, also work fine for me as well.

The next couple messages will include my configs. (I dont know if I can post more than one in a single message)

BTW: AmigaOS 3.9 runs fine and loads with lighting speed for me. The key is JIT. Always use JIT for Workbench emulation if you want speed. But dont use it for floppy emulation.
Old 17 February 2003, 19:03   #31
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Ok here is my A500 Floppy Only config (You will need to change the ROM path to the path your 1.3 kickstart is located)
Attached Files
File Type: uae a500.uae (6.2 KB, 109 views)
Old 17 February 2003, 19:03   #32
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I ofcourse using JIT!
Even Toni "inspected" my config and suggested only enabling detecting iddle CPU time and another very small change...
And im still getting 30sec boottimes
...when with the posted confing the start seems more snappier, WinUAE show forced quiet exit
And no, A500 config not help
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Old 17 February 2003, 19:05   #33
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Here is my A1200 Floppy Only config. (You will need to change the ROM path to the path where your Kickstart 3.0 rom is located)
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Old 17 February 2003, 19:09   #34
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Here is my A1200 Workbench config: (You will need to change the ROM path to yours, and you will need to mount your HDF files)

I have had 0 problems with these configs. Also use my A1200 Workbench cofig with AmigaOS 3.9 just make sure you use kickstart 3.1 in the ROM tab or it will not boot.
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File Type: uae workbench 3.0.uae (6.5 KB, 108 views)
Old 17 February 2003, 19:16   #35
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LOL I was still posting them Trodas...I know A500 config wouldnt help...I was posting them all for ya.

Anyhow. See how these work...if they dont work right then its a difference in PC hardware, as I said I have a 1.8ghz with 1 gig of ram so on slower machines I have no clue how these will run.

And the reason I used 50hz Vsync is because a large majority of Amiga games will not run right using 60hz or any other NTSC screenmodes....(thats also how it was on the Real Thing, me being an American Amiga user trying to play games like Cannon Fodder...took me a while to realize I needed PAL for the music to play correctly, this was back in the 90's of course I know better now)
Old 17 February 2003, 19:38   #36
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Oh crap. one more thing to add. Before you try my config make sure you look in the RAM setup. I have too much ram in there for someone who only has 256mb on thier PC. Opps.
I was trying to run an Eric Schwartz animation that needed more ram than what I had set up soo I maxed everything out and forgot to change it.
Old 17 February 2003, 23:32   #37
Going nowhere

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AKA Pavel Narozny.......

Please don't excuse this guys English as some reason for his idiocy..... he is an idiot, plain and simple.

He is one of the reasons (the only one) why I no longer can be bothered to go onto IRC #KAERVEK

I like to enjoy my time when I go on Amiga, and I am afraid, this guy (this idiot!) doesn't make it so enjoyable.

He demands this, demands that, takes the piss out of people and pretends to not know he's doing it!

I fear, that coming to English Amiga Board for me will now become a lesser experience for me.

I don't want to sound dismissive, but frankly, the sooner this moaning fuckwit is 'removed' from EAB, the better we will all be.

Put it this way............. Someone with absolutely no experience or knowlege of the Amiga is far more preferable (and knowlegable) and interesting to converse with than Pavel, that I see no logical reason for him to stay.

If he does stay, I simply won't be coming here as often.

It appears that Marz (aka Methodgit) has finally sorted his act out, alas, Pavel has been playing his stupid monkey game for three years now....... and its long since boring!
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Old 18 February 2003, 00:16   #38
Give up the ghost
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Thanks for pointing this out, Galahad -- I was wondering what was up with this abusive, rude individual. He takes asshole to an all new low!
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Old 18 February 2003, 00:28   #39
Posts: n/a
All I've ever seen you do is 2 things:
- Bitch about how WHDLoad's SNOOP feature doesn't brew you a cup of coffee, or some other shit.
- Boast how your 060 machines are better than everyone elses, and you are king shit because of this. um...NEWSFLASH! You're not the only 060 user this world has!

Stop bitching

Good boy
Old 18 February 2003, 00:34   #40
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Bet my 060's prettier than his therefore im better, im the best ra ra etc....

Agree with above.
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