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Newbie question about sprites... or copperlist perhaps?


Thanks for letting me join the English Amiga Board!

This is probably a newbie question that have been answered a million times before, but I just can't find the info I'm looking for by seaching (ok, might have something to do with my searching skills ).

Anyway, I hope that you experts can guide me in the right direction here!

Here's my question:

I try do display a simple sprite, but when the sprite is displayed it flickers :-(!

Now, I found a way to get the flickering to go away, but I don't think I completely understand why...

Reading the Amiga HW Reference Guide it says that I need to update the spritepointers each vertical blanking. I use a copperlist (see code below) to do this.

If I wait for line $2c and then set the sprite pointers it flickers. This I beleive is due to the fact that line $2c is not part of the vertical blank? Or?

If I wait for line e.g. $10 and the set the sprite pointers it does not flicker... Again, I do beleive that I'm now in the vertical blanking area?

So my questions are:

- Which rasterlines are part of the vertical blank?
- I notice that in the HW Ref. guide they start the copperlist without any WAIT instructions? They often just start with the MOVE instructions. Does this mean that these MOVE instructions will be executed immediately at a new vertical blank if there is no initial WAIT instruction?

Hope that someone can help me understand this.

	dc.w	$2c01,$fffe
	dc.w	$0100,$1200			; 1 bitplane, colorburst enabled
	dc.w	$0180,$0000			; Background color to black
	dc.w	$0182,$000f			; Background color to blue
	dc.w	$00e0,$0000
	dc.w	$00e2,$0000

	dc.w	$0120,$0000
	dc.w	$0122,$0000

	dc.w	$ffff,$fffe
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1. 0-19 NTSC, 0-24 PAL, so 20 or 25 lines.
2. yes, they are executed immediately
If you are updating sprite pointers each frame, in automatic/DMA mode, make sure you do it before the end of vertical blanking. Otherwise they will be refreshed the next frame. That's because hardware has to load the first line of sprite data (2 control words) to figure out where to start displaying it, and it has to do it before the area where the sprites can be visible.
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Thanks a lot for the information!

I see now that when I update the sprite pointers in the raster range $00-$18 it works fine for PAL!

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