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A2000 left mouse button use in workbench causes mouse to stop responding.


I have a weird problem with one of my A2000s where if the left mouse button is used to select icons in workbench the mouse will stop responding after clicking a few times. In the shell the computer works fine. If I run Dopus from the shell I can use the mouse okay in Dopus. It just seems to be in workbench, whether booting from hard drive of floppies it does it. The computer is still operating in the background because if I insert a floppy I see the icon pop up on workbench. I tried controlling the mouse pointer via the keyboard with the same result.

Has anyone seen this bizarre behavior?

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Toni Wilen
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Try swapping CIA (8520) chips (put even CIA chip in place of odd and vice versa. Chips are identical). I have seen similar side-effect when one CIA chip was damaged (but it wasn't identical, it always hung instantly), probably something was wrong with one of the internal timers.
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Thanks for the tip. I swapped the chips but while doing so I noticed some of the socket pins have a little corrosion on them.

With the chips swapped I got a whole heap of grave (un-shifted tilde) characters repeating across the DOS screen. I inserted a chip from another machine and had the original problem.

I'm going to try replacing the socket.
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I replaced one of the suspect CIA sockets and it fixed the issue. Thanks again to Toni who pointed me in the right direction.
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I am encountering a similar problem with my revision 6.2 A2000 with Kickstart 1.3, ECS Agnus (but OCS otherwise to my knowledge), two 3.5 floppy drives and no expansion: the computer's response time to clicking icons on the Workbench screen increases with time of use, up to reaching such a long time that the Workbench is unusable, and if I click on a disk icon or a gadget before the Amiga has reacted, it freezes (including the mouse). The only way to unfreeze it is to reset, or sometimes to insert a floppy disk -- but since Workbench is unusable anyway you have to stop using the Workbench until the next power cycle.

Since there is a clear correlation between the Amiga's response time to clicking an icon and time of use, I suppose it means that heating is part of the problem.

But my A2000 has just returned from being fully recapped and checked, including the CIA and RAM, and I don't know if that problem was there before, because I had not used it for more than 10 years.

Does it mean that a CIA has just gone bad, or that there is an interrupt problem as my repairer suggests, or anything else?

Thanks for any help!
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you could test the CIAs using Systest.....
Find the Google Drive link and download the ADF, write to floppy etc (easiest way is using A600/A1200 CF card) and test your machine.
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