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Got new amiga, some questions about coding

Hi all :-)

I just got this new Amiga. It's a A1200 in towercase with:

- Blizard 1230 (50 Mhz) with co-proc. / 32 MB
- Mediator LT4
- Creative Banshee 3D
- Soundblaster 128
- Spider USB
- Compact Flash 2 IDE
- WB3.9

I've never worked with this mediator shizzle. Basicaly i want to program 68k ASM application (mostly demos) for OCS, ECS and AGA with ASMPRO.

Is there anybody here who is doing this kind of work with this kind of machine? I already found out, i probably need to buy a scandoubler or indivision solution to get the original video output. But will it work? Can i run ASM-Pro on my VGA display adapter.. and poke the hardware register of the AGA port?


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[ Show youtube player ]

This is part one of a many part youtube series which shows you how to make demos using asm-one on the amiga.
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You can run the development software using the Mediator, and benefit from improved resolution etc., but as you have probably figured out the demos won't be displayed that way. Some actual Amiga graphics cards have a pass-through for the native video signal, but I don't believe it is possible with any Mediator type setup (I'm not an expert with those, however).

You can access the native video output simply by plugging the Amiga in to a TV using a SCART cable (with a DB23 at the other end, Amiga shops will have these). This is the simplest and cheapest option at least here in Europe where SCART-enabled displays are common. There is also a composite output on the A1200 though the image quality is significantly lower than with the RGB video.

If you definitely need VGA/DVI, you can get an Indivision scandoubler for the purpose. It is not like a graphics card connected to the Mediator, it just plugs directly onto the motherboard and needs no drivers (for basic operation, anyway). Be sure to check that it physically fits in together with the Mediator!
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