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Question Any ideas to help me read these disks?


Couple of days ago I started transfering files/disks from my Amiga 1200 to my PC. Everything has gone fine except for a couple of floppy disks, and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

The thing is that for some years ago, I gathered a lot of personal files from my Amiga to a bunch of floppy disks. I then put these disks in a separate box and labeled them 1, 2, 3... and so on. When I did this, I either used some special backup software or a special filesystem other than the standard Amiga filesystems. Now I can't remember how I made those disks and therefore I can't read them on my Amiga.

Here is what happens when I insert the first Floppy disk when I am in Workbench. When the disk is inserted, a floppy disk icon pops up saying "DF0:AB01". When i insert floppy disk nr.2 I get "DF0:AB02", nr.3 "DF0:AB03"... and so on. That's all I get and I can't get the Amiga to read the information on the disks.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might have made these disks?
(I would also like to point out that these disks are not in PC-format, just in case someone would suggest that)

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Rick Dangerous
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As long as no other postings come:
Can you list the directory in the Amiga-SHELL?
Using the command TYPE you may display the contents of the files in ASCII-Format. In many cases the very first characters contain a specific word. (In IFF for example there's FORMILBM right at the beginning of the file).
Try to scroll through the file for readable data.
With a little luck there's somewhere the information you need.

Cheers, Rick
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Cool Here is what I've tried so far..

I downloaded PFS(Pro File System) and mounted PF0:. I tried this cause I remember experimenting with this file system back in the days. This did not help however, I wasnt able to read the disks.

I also tried SFS(Smart File System), just in case, but this did not recognize the disks either.

It's not possible to get directory listings or read the disks as it is now. Usually when the Amiga can't read a disk that is in a different format it displays "DF0:???" in the disk icon in Workbench, but in this case it displays "DF0:AB01", "DF0:AB02", "DF0:AB03".. and so on, but it's impossible to access any data. But because it does display these AB01 AB02 and so on, it sort of makes sence to me that they are in some kind of Amiga format, right?

I hate it when I can't remember how I made these disks I used to be this hardcore Amiga user and had the Amiga 1200 in a tower case with a harddrive, but at some point the harddrive crashed and my setup was lost, so I can't go back there either to check what software or filesystem setups I used to use.

Maby somebody out there has a solution
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2 contact me: email only!

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The prefix is AB, maybe the program AmiBackup was used?
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Rick Dangerous
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If you can transfer disks from the Amiga to the PC.
(and if it is not an archiver-program you used back in those days)

Open the ADF in NOTEPAD or WORDPAD on the PC.
The following is an excerpt from an ADF of my Cassette-Collection-Disk created back in 1988 viewed in Notepad. If you have a similiar result, you'll just have to write a little BASIC-program to gain the data out of it. If not...
AB01,AB02 is maybe an archive-program.

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Cheers, Rick
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Thumbs up Thanks everyone!!

Thank you everyone for your replys!

I have now solved the problem!

"Codetapper" wrote that I should try if I had created the disks with AmiBackup. Thank you so much for that idea, cause this helped me solve the problem! I could not find AmiBackup in my Amiga software collection, but I found another one called Ami-Back Tools. I tried it out and it recognized the disks!! So now I'm able to backup the data from them! GREAT!!

THANKS EVERYONE and especially Codetrapper for getting me on the right track!

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