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Old Computer TV Shows

Awhile back our local PBS tv stations used to broadcast shows
like the Computer Chronicles. Has anybody every seen this old
tv show? Boy we sure have come along way. You can download
this show from here. http://www.threedy.com/site/forum/sh...ad.php?t=37510

The reason why I bring this up. Because they have some
episodes regarding the Amiga computer. Some of these videos
are mpeg files and are quit large files. But worth the download

Today there is the G4 network formly known as TechTv and
orginially ZDTV back in those days. They had some great tv
programs such as Screen Savers tv show and Call for Help.
Two great shows worth watching. This is something I wanted to
share with everybody.

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Yeah, Computer Chronicles rocks. Brings a tear to my eye watching that old stuff. Todays computing scene doesn't hold a candle to the old days. That's when history was written. Today is only a shadow. (Well, I know in 25 years I'll be saying the same. If I still live. But anyways...). Or maybe, who the f knows. All I hope is that my A1200 lives for a while yet. If it ever falters, I'll be inviting healers into my home. Even if I don't believe that mumbojumbo myself. Time to go to bed, goodnight.

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Old computers were so much more fun. I remember watching some of those PBS and TVOntario computer shows. Computers were so mysterious back then.

I also liked documentaries in the early 80's that had some of the first 3D rendering. There was an '83 or '84 (BBC?) documentary on Halley's Comet that had some really neat (for the time) 3D satellite renderings (great music too). Even earlier than that was a show on computer graphics that showed a 3D animation of a guy in a top-hat juggling. I wish I could find those shows.
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Yeah, back then you know... You couldn't just add whatever allmightly CPU you wanted to your system to gain unlimited CPU power. You were stuck with that one CPU, fixed amount of RAM and so on. The choices were limited and that was it. You had to do with what was at hand. Kickass CPUs that could conquer the world werent readily available. stuff like the 6502 CPU ran at about 1 MHz and executed some 0.5 MIPS (meaningless instructions and so on). While todays CPUs can be exhanged at your whim. Whatever you need is at your fingertips. Back in '83-85? No such luck. God, I loved that time. Even though todays stuff is always amazing, I just still get totally knocked out by watching the old videos such as this.

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I did a search a while back for early shows.. Youtube has some great old footage!

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]

search for BBC Micro Live for much more great old stuff!
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