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Originally Posted by emuola View Post
Yes. Did it a while ago. I actually used Windiskimager (free). Source 8Gig sandisk CF, target 32Gig Kingston SD. Worked like a charm. I then used Thomas' partition tool (Aminet) to grow the partition table to match the 32Gb card. (did not add new partitions at the end yet, though). No problems
So you didn't backup your CF card with WinImage? Or did you have a backup already and then used Windiskimager? I've have use Win32diskimager for the Raspberry Pi but I don't know if it works with CF cards. Maybe I'm asking too much, but I don't want to mess anything up
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Originally Posted by Thunderbird77 View Post
So you didn't backup your CF card with WinImage? Or did you have a backup already and then used Windiskimager? I've have use Win32diskimager for the Raspberry Pi but I don't know if it works with CF cards. Maybe I'm asking too much, but I don't want to mess anything up
I only used Windiskimager throughout the process. I first read the CF (cheap usb-to-cf/sd/mmc adapter) and then wrote the image to the sd (with the same adapter). Worked like a charm

I really don't know what differences there are between Windiskimager and Winimage featurewise? Both read/write 100% bit perfect images AFAIK.

NOTE: It's not necessary to grow the partition table, if you don't mind "wasting" the available space on the card.
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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
WinImage handles HDF's fine.

I have made an Image of a card using WinUAE and Winimage wrote it to another CF card, everyhing works O.K.
Using WinImage v9.0 this no longer seems to be the case. Certainly I can't see any way to get WinImage to open a .hdf file?

So I used WinImage on my 4GB card, then restored back to an 8GB card and used fixhddsize from my Amiga to free up the extra space.

Thank you to all on this thread that made this upgrade a painless process!
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i was just going to post a topic about this very subject "good old search feature "

after spending 11 and a half hours doing arc extract on winuae i now have a sandidk 16gig 2 partitions work and games drive with 2722 games on it with classic workbench up and running .. thankfully i found this in time to do a complete clone (off to buy another sandisk now so i dont have to do this ever again )

cheers steve again .. all i gotta do is put it all in my miggy and fire her up.

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Hello all, I began initially looking at this thread to see about backing up my Amiga drives and obviously I found the information here very useful. But I found WinImage odd, I couldn't seem to do anything in it and I dunno in general I just couldn't get anything happening with my CF cards. So I found an alternative (not to discredit the recommendation of WinImage on here BTW) for anyone like me who may be didn't so something right or what have ya.

So what I used was a program called ImageUSB

which can be found here https://www.osforensics.com/tools/write-usb-images.html

and initially how I discovered it was here


So hopefully this is of some use to some people. I found it a breeze. For testing purposes I cloned a driver, then wrote it back onto another CF card. Then for an even weirder test I wrote the same image onto a MicroSD which was in a SD to MicroSD card adapter which was also in an SD to CF card adapter and both of the copied drives worked no problem in my Amiga 1200. In fact the MicroSD copy of the drive, dare I say it, but it seemed to run a little quicker???!!

Anyways hopefully my findings are of some use. I will be backing up any drives I make from now on and keeping them saved for the rainy day. Currently my main drive is a cheapo no name 16gb CF card which although does not boot right away after a soft reset it boots to workbench no problem.
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