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Originally Posted by zyonee View Post
I've ordered a ALPS ELECTRIC CP., LTD. DF354H(121F) (not 121G). Hopefully this'll work well with trackloaded games. It's pre-modified, so it should just plug and play. Will this fit properly as a replacement of the internal drive in an Amiga 1200?
Doesn't fit in an Amiga 1200, it'd suitable for putting in a big box Amiga or in an external drive enclosure. Works but couldn't get the above mentioned Flood disk to boot. Didn't even work on my original Amiga 1200 Chinon drive which loads everything else, so maybe it's just a faulty disk.

Edit 1: It turns out one gets a black screen on Amiga 1200 with the above mentioned Flood disk. Tried it I WinUAE and it worked on Kickstart 1.3. The issue is that the graphics won't show up in the cracktro but moving the mouse down and clicking loads the game. Pretty sure this'll work on a real Amiga as well.

Edit 2: So now I've tested the said Flood disk and also Arte by Sanity. Flood gets to the black screen intro/trainer. Clicking left mouse button makes it load, but the drive seems to skip tracks very quickly, stops for a moment and then loads normally for a short while until the power led starts blinking and I end up with a software failure. This happens on the original Chinon FZ-354 and my Alps DF354H(121F) when connected to the motherboard on a Commodore Amiga 1200.

When I try the same Flood disk on my AT (ESCOM) Amiga 1200, which has the solder patch underneath the motherboard and a PC floppy (JU-257-A605P, I think), the game loads until the intro music, stops loading for a while, resumes loading anf then the background goes red. What's really funny is that I expected this machine/drive do be less compatible, it turns out it's the most compatible.

Arte by Sanity worked on both machines with all three drives I've mentioned.

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Originally Posted by Foul View Post
Flood Test : (Flood (1990)(Electronic Arts)[cr Angels][t +3 Angels].adf)

ALPS ELECTRIC CP., LTD. DF354H(121G) : Working
ALPS ELECTRIC CP., LTD. DF354H090F : Not Working
ALPS ELECTRIC CP., LTD. DF354H090F (other) : Not Working
Real Amiga Floppy Disk Drive (FDDAMI001) Sold by amigakit : Not Working
2 more :

PANASONIC JU-256A488P : Not Working
PANASONIC JU-256A198PC : Not Working

Everything Else Working 100%
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Originally Posted by amigasith View Post
I just converted a TEAC FD-235HF 6291-U and it works just fine except when testing Flood.
I have that exact same drive but I don't know how to convert it. Could you please explain what modifications you did to it?

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