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Retro DVD Player..?

Ahh, it's nice at long last to have enough time to put in an appearance...

I've had a groovy (ok, stupid) idea:

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to play DVD or Blu-ray films on your retro-box?
But our beloved machines lack the raw grunt (and the software) to do it...

...so how's about:
-taking a suitable (cheep) DVD / Blu-ray player and butchering it for the electronics.
-taking a 3.5" DVD / Blu-ray drive
and sort-of squeezing the two together?

Some soldering +/- TV-capable GFX card may also be required...

...time to go on a search for suitable component donors - suggestions very welcome.
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similar idea: http://gadzetomania.pl/2010/09/17/od...y-w-ceglofonie
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you can purchase an old PCI- DVD card with hardware decoding
something like this
***also there are other models from different manufactures

-insert that card on the A1200 with a Mediator or a GREXX...
-get documentation,
-code your self the drivers for Workbench and code yourself the video player
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Thanks chaps.

@Fabie - good plan, but a bit beyond me - I'm just an old-fashioned hardware butcher...

My 'plan' is to take a (cheap) DVD player, rip the PCB out of it and hack that into a standard DVD drive.
-Some careful selection of components I suspect-
Drive (hopefully) still works as a drive
'DVD' output routed to the monitor via a TV card, or something slightly cleverer if I can be bothered.
Work the dvd-player function either by the original player's remote or the buttons on the front of the drive.
The computer itself isn't involved with the process, but I get to say 'Hey, I've got DVD playback.'

Pointless? Oh, yes!
Doable? I suspect so.
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