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PC Task Harddrive File

I know, but look, Warlords drove me too it ,)

I remember the day I found out they weren't going
to code Warlords II for the Amiga I called the
place and spoke to one of the developers, he said
if you give me $50,000 I'd code a version for you.

I was NOT impressed ,)

Anyway, sorry about the long way around... But I happened
across some freely available (it appears) windows
versions of Warlord I and II... I want to run II of
course since I've never seen it let alone played it

And I've had a go at adapting a few bootable HD disks
acquired through various packages to make a bootable
system disk but failed... well, got it but too late
in the end...

I can easily format a windows disk to load into the
emulator later with Warlords on it... SO what I am
asking, even if no one has it existing at the
moment *grin* a mini project perhaps? But could someone
create say a 10 meg harddrive file compatiable to load
into PCTask and upload it for me? I know, it's alot
to ask but hell, if I need to be active posting here
gotta do what's on my mind... *heh*

I thought well, 10 meg might sound alot but it's fair
to assume installing a bear windows 95 or even 3.11
etc wdn't take out that much room would it? :P and
compressing the file would squeeze it right up, right? :P

ALRIGHT, someone DMS a boot disk for 95 for me and we'll
leave it at that!!!

thanks for your time and hope you enjoyed the laugh



actually, why doesn't someone direct me to a command you
can use on an Amiga that gives a crossdos IBM disk a
valid boot code

and yes before you say it, I still use an Amiga, I don't
have anything else *grin* It's just like back in 1986
when there weren't many of us... better days too if you
ask me
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