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Distribution of Amiga Installer v43.3


since this is my first post here, it's right to quickly introduce me: I am Paolo Besser, mantainer of AROS distribution "Icaros Desktop".

I'd need some delucidation - if anyone of you can give it to me - about the distribution rights of Amiga Installer dev package, at this address:

I'd like to allow Icaros users to use this original Amiga installer instead of AROS M68K one, since it is more compatible with classic Amiga applications. This means that I will include the whole archive in Extras/Documentation as usual, and the single Installer program in AROSM68K/Tools.

According to the legal notices, I should be entitled to freely distribute the package, I only need to keep all legal notices and not modify binary files, both things I'd be going to do.


The complete and unmodified Installer developer archive, as provided
by Escom or AMIGA Technologies, may be freely redistributed via any
means which preserves its copyrights. The archive may not be sold for
But, immediately after, I read this:


Specific Files from the archive may be reproduced and distributed
separately under license subject to agreement with the following terms
and conditions (wherein the reference to Files shall mean Installer and
the Installer project icon, either individually or collectively):
Which follow (I will list ONLY the voices which aren't 100% clearly compliant to the readme notes)

2. The Files may only be distributed as an integral part of a software
product solely for AMIGA computers.
Icaros Desktop is not for Amiga computers, but the installer absolutely would be included in a portion of the software which work on a emulated Amiga computer.

3. The related documentation, utilities, and examples provided by
Escom or AMIGA Technologies may not be reproduced or distributed,
in whole or in part, except as part of a complete and unmodified
archive as provided by Escom or AMIGA Technologies.
This is in contraddiction with the premise. See "B. DISTRIBUTION OF INSTALLER" above. Problem is that the people I should ask for this license agreement are unclear (and that's my question, by the way).

10. Prior to any distribution of the Files, Licensee must acknowledge and
consent to these terms by forwarding a completed and signed copy of
this entire Agreement, on paper, to:
AMIGA Technologies GmbH, Rechtsabteilung, Berliner Ring 89, D-64625 Bensheim, Germany
I'm quite confident nobody will ever receive my lecter...

So, in a nutshell, who should I contact to get this authorization?

Escom does not exist anymore.
Amiga Technologies either.

And this software should be part of the 3.9 AmigaOS version Hyperion shouldn't have any rights on. I know Cloanto got some distribution rights from the copyright holders, and in fact parts of AmigaOS 3.9 are included in Amiga Forever under the name AmigaOS 3.X. This does not mean, however, they are also the copyright holders too for this specific version.
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Probably easier to "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"..

However.. benvenuto paolone
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son of 68k
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I'm tempted to say : distribute it anyway - if someone grumbles, you'll know who to contact
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I would agree with meynaf; it's been available for years on Aminet for anyone to download so...

Not to mention; this will be used in a free / continued Amiga project that the community will use / enjoy if they so wish

I see no problem with that at all; who could?

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Ciao Paolo, i hope my advice to post here has been helpful, 're waiting anxiously your new release of ICAROS.
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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I'm tempted to say : distribute it anyway - if someone grumbles, you'll know who to contact
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