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Apollo Team

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SILVER3 core released for Vampire 600 V2

SILVER3 core has been released, along with latest SAGA Driver 0.8h !

Full changelog :
* Flag for BFTST fixed
* Super-Scalar improvements :
- Allow more instructions in 2nd pipe
- More 64Bit MMX instructions added
- PADD, PSUB, PMUL, ... (used by videoplayers like RIVA)
* Improved RESET behaviour (AROS)
* Improved SAGA video out (24Bit, 32Bit, YUV422)
* Clock-cycle register added

Download it :

Apollo team would be happy to get feedbacks from users using this new SILVER3 core. Be free to join #Apollo-Team IRC channel on Freenode to discuss it.
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Which is the larger screen mode available with SAGA?
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Apollo Team

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640x480x32 in SILVER releases.
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Thank you for the news.

Some comments…

The APOLLO CPU in SILVER3 release contains some new intructions indeed.
They have been tested with success in the MPEG RiVA to save some FPS. Goal is to prove their usefullness and play MPEG videos in 640Ă—480 @ 24fps. Work in progress. Of course, these new instructions can be used in other sort of applications, particularly in greedy routines.


Operation : Dz = ( Dy + Dx )
Can be used instead of :
move.w Dy,Dz
add.w Dx,Dz

Operation : Dz = ( Dy - Dx )
Can be used instead of :
move.w Dy,Dz
sub.w Dx,Dz

Operation : Dz = ( ( Dy * Dx ) >> 8 )
Can be used instead of :
move.x Dx,Dz
muls.w Dy,Dz
asr.l #8,Dz
It is ieee 8.8 multiplication.

Same as MOVE.L but in 64bits (Quad).
PERM #$Selector,Dx,Dy,Dz

Permute bytes from Dx and Dy and save to Dz thanks to the sequence defined in $Selector.

Core now fully supports following pixel formats :

- 320x240x8/15/16/24/32/YUV
- 640x480x8/15/16/24/32/YUV

8   = CLUT
15  = R5G5B5
16  = R5G6B5
24  = R8G8B8
32  = A8R8G8B8
YUV = Y4U2V2
Next step for SILVER4, change resolution 320/640/800/1024/1280/1920 and some others 16/10.

Clock-cycle register

It is a new read-only register, $DE0008.
We can read it (example: tst.l $DE0008), which reset its counter.
Then, we can read it again (example: move.l $DE0008,d0) so that d0 contains number of CPU cycles since last call.
This a unique feature, very handy to analyse code and hire for greedy routines and helps to optimize code and understand how APOLLO works.

For instance :

move.l #cafecafe,d1
tst.l $DE0008
divu.l #100,d1
move.l $DE0008,d0
; d0 contains number of cycles consumed by the DIV instruction.
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