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is converting an a1200HD to a desktop case possible?

just wondering because im thinking of putting a blizzard 603e+ PPC into my a1200HD's expansion... and i know that it does require allot of cooling... so im thinking that if i put the a1200 in a desktop case with a cooling fan then it should run fine... please dont hold back on telling me if this is a pathetic idea or not cheers

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Desktop ? Never heard of such before. You would need to change the case all on your own to fit the Amiga in.

But there are lots of prepared tower case solutions. You just need a screw driver for that.
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I know what you mean by desktop case.

Certainly possible, as all parts will fit OK. I don't think it is a particularly good idea though. Those phase5 PPC cards run really hot, and it would be very tight and toasty in the case with a HD in there as well. The PPC card does have built-in cooling, but I would still worry about thermal shutdowns. Certainly leave the trapdoor cover off.

I guess you could always just try it. If the system crashes mid-session, put it down to heat and get that tower.
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Old 14 October 2002, 04:23   #4
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hmm.. would it be possible to install another fan in a console a1200hd where the ppc can go? im looking for any other cheap alternative before i rip the thing apart
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I guess so, but it had better be a dinky little fan. The Blizzard PPC was designed, like all other Amiga accelerator cards, to fit into the trapdoor of a desktop machine. Cannot give a definitive answer as to workability, as I myself have never tried this. My A1200 has been in a tower case for 4 years now.
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Elbox is making a very popular and good A1200 tower case. If you still want a desktop case, you could try to send them an email and ask if it can be done, and if you can get e.g. the keyboard adapter to their tower case separately.

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