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Old 23 May 2004, 17:37   #1
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Games Chart

Okay. We're gonna have a games chart in APoV based on the votes of the people. So some votes would be quite cool.

It's easy. Just name your favourite 5 games in order. We will then put all the votes through an incredibly complex mathematical process, and a top 20 will result.

Vote for any games you like - commercial, PD, new, old.

It's going to be a rolling chart, as opposed to one of those 'all time best games ever ever', because they're silly. Everyone can vote once per issue. A second vote from the same person will be used for the next chart. See? Easy. This way the chart will reflect what games people are into at the time.

Don't post your vote here: send an email to cornflake at abime.net. Call it 'Chart vote' or something like that.
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Old 29 May 2004, 19:33   #2
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Got some votes in. Yay! Thanks to those who have voted.

But I want more votes. More!

k? k.

Get your vote to me any way you like. PM, email, IRC, smoke signals, all good.

Come on, it's easy and fun. *big smiles*
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Old 06 June 2004, 19:05   #3
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OK, I've unlocked this thread to allow ppl to vote here if they wanna.

PM me if you don't want your game preferences to be public knowledge.

Thanks to all those who have voted!
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Old 07 June 2004, 02:02   #4
Got the fever back
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Wow. Its so hard to pick 5.

5. Pinball Fantasies
4. Eye of the Beholder
3. Speedball II
2. Black Crypt
1. Wings
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Old 07 June 2004, 02:12   #5
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by Mangar
4. Eye of the Beholder
I or II?
Old 07 June 2004, 02:38   #6
Got the fever back
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Location: Toronto / Canada
Age: 48
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Eye of the beholder 1. The sequel did not have the same atmosphere and I felt it was more of a hack n' slash.
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Old 07 June 2004, 02:50   #7
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Oops! I asked because Eob2 was my no:1 in the list I pmed
Old 07 June 2004, 11:36   #8
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Thanks to all those who have voted so far, but come on this thread has had over 190 views and I know there's only been a tiny amount of people who have actually voted. Get your votes in people otherwise don't blame us when your Favourite game of all time doesn't even make the top 100
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Old 07 June 2004, 12:15   #9
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Send a message via ICQ to grassden
okay here my tuppences worth (watching oot for a nasty man with an iron bar on the warpath!!! )

1. Wings (pure fun !)
2. Deuteros (pure mayhem with the methoids!!)
3. Cannon Fodder (whay hey where the blood coming from?)
4. Super Tennis Champs (just for sheer skill and playablity with an old enemy!)
5. Goal! (bloody referees!!)
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Old 07 June 2004, 12:15   #10
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Here's the deal - I'm going to delete all the accounts on my FTP except for those who have voted in the poll...
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Old 07 June 2004, 12:22   #11
Lesser Talent
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Righty, I know I've forgotten something but here's my list!

Secret of Monkey Island
Chaos Engine

(man I love that smiley)

Hope I don't remember another fave in 10 mins
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Old 07 June 2004, 12:25   #12
(c) killergorilla 2007
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Yay Cody. Cornflake do you want me to repeat my votes in here or do you still have the email?
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Old 07 June 2004, 12:30   #13
Zone Friend
Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Norway
Age: 42
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Sensible World of Soccer 96/97
Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge
Leisure Suit Larry 3 - Passionate Patti and the Pulsating Pectorals
Cannon Fodder
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
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Old 07 June 2004, 12:55   #14
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1. Lemmings
2. Speedball II
3. Lotus II
4. Super Cars II
5. Jim Power
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Old 07 June 2004, 12:57   #15
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Cool ok the vote from deadwoodinc

Based on those I keep playing even Now

Frontier Elite
Robinsons Requiem
The Severn Realms [pd]
Target [pd]
Super Bob Dylan [pd]

don't analise it too much or you'll be as looney as me
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Old 07 June 2004, 13:32   #16
Posts: n/a
Bio challenge
Captain Blood
Dungeon Master
Old 07 June 2004, 13:43   #17
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Location: No(R)Way
Age: 38
Posts: 2,639
my fav;

1. Dune (1)
2. Eye Of The beholder (1)
3. Monkey Island 2
4. Pinball Fantasies
5. Chaos Engine 1

mm so gooood ))
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Old 07 June 2004, 13:57   #18
where am i ?
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Location: akureyri iceland
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Dune (the first one)
Millennium 2.2
and Dune the second one...
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Old 07 June 2004, 14:14   #19
Posts: n/a
1. Alien Breed Tower Assault
2. Assassin Special Edition
3. Captive 2 Liberation
4. Plat-Man [pd]
5. Beetle [pd]
Old 07 June 2004, 14:47   #20
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Five is just too few. A lot of dear games are missing.But on a basis of pure fun back in the day:

Sensible World of Soccer
Gravity Power
Kick Off 2
Pinball Fantasies
Microprose F1GP

So many missing......and now my A1200 is back in order it could all change!
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