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Fullscreen FS-UAE on Linux without window manager [Solved]


sorry i don't speak very well English.
I use FS-UAE into a Mame Box, it's work fine but i have problem with screen resolution. I use only XFree to run FS-UAE (without desktop manager), i use xrandr to set resolution to 1024x768. I can't have full screen picture. I have tried:

fullscreen_mode = fullscreen
fullscreen_mode = window
fullscreen_mode = desktop


fullscreen_width = 1024
fullscreen_height = 768

but picture take only a part of the screen.

Can you help me ? I using Debian 64.

Best Regards !
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You mean without "window manager", right? In that case, it is now use to enable "fullscreen mode" because no window manager will actually make the window fill the screen.

Instead, you should just open a window at the desired size:
window_width = 1024
window_height = 768
(do not enable fullscreen, as the window size will be ignored then)

Since there is no window manager, the window will open at 0,0 (with the specified window size) without any window decorations.
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Year ! It's OK ! Thank you !!!

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