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FS-UAE speed VS WinUAE


I'm using winuae, and just tried FSUAE, because I also have a mac.

It seems that FSUAE is a LOT slower (not gaming, workbench and productivity on a 040 config). I can't compare PC winuae and mac fsaue directly because they are not the same machines, but they use similar CPUs. The speed ratio (sysinfo figures) between the 2 is 30-100 at least.

If I disable JIT on winuae, I get a similar slowness.

The problem is that I've read that fs-uae mac was JIT enabled. Really don't understand.

Any clue ?
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You must enable JIT in FS-UAE by set "uae_cachesize = 8192" in custom settings I believe to remember
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Great I got a fantastic speed improvement ! Need to check if it's as fast as winuae on the windows machine.

IMHO this should be added on a config screen, as it's a very important setting

Thanks a lot

One weird thing still : I have 2 virtual machines
- my old 3.1 setup coming from my A4k
- a "new" 3.9

while this setting does something on the 3.9 machine, it does not on the 3.1 ???

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Perhaps the 3.1 one uses the A1200 model (cycle exact)? If not, please provide fs-uae.log.txt after having run and quit the 3.1 config.
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I'll do.

I did some more FSUAE/WINUAE tests on the windows host, with sysinfo aand AIBB (yes it's old) on the 3.9 setup, using the uae_configsize option of course.

Emulated machine is a 4k/40 with P96

Sysinfo :
  • WINUAE : Mips 395 Flops 975
  • FS-UAE : Mips 494 Flops 438
AIBB vs A4000-40 :
  • WINUAE : Int 161x, Gfx 52x, FP 74x
  • FS-UAE : Int 44x, Gfx 0.8x (!), FP 38x
Results are consistent if run the tests again after a reboot. And visually, the winuae VM seems to run faster in everyday use.

Seems like there is still room for improvement in all parts especially Gfx, I don't see where the difference comes from since the core code comes from winuae ?
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Hi, it's known that FS-UAE currently runs Amiga in "fastest-possible-mode" slower than WinUAE.

See this post http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=930360&postcount=31 (or the entire thread for that matter) for some more information on the matter.

It does not mean that the emulation itself is slower. It's most likely timing issues (due to the fastest-possible mode getting less attention than game support). When running games at 68000 and 68020 speeds, performance should be good.
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I understand. For that matter, can't you just use the winaue code "as it" ? Besides, the grafics difference in aibb and visually are huge, and can't be only related to timing issues (52x A4000 on winuae, 0.8x on fsuae !!), am I wrong ?

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Please try to fix the code at it is and then you can again give it a try.

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