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The mouse-mania of the mid 1980s?

Once I heard someone saying that in the mid-1980s when a computer mouse was a new thing and people were excited about it, there were many odd ways of using a mouse in programs.

I can myself recall at least the game "Ferrari Formula One" (Electronic Arts, 1988) which used mouse control (as a sole option) for a wanna-be-realistic formula game. Also, "Instant Music" program (Electronic Arts, 1986) lets user to use mouse as a jamming instrument.

Can you think of any further examples?
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Super Hang-On but it was terrible. Joystick was better.
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Marble Madness and Rock 'n Roll (not 100% sure here)
and an application: Music Mouse.

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Steve T
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Always thought that No Second Prize had a great mouse control scheme. Domark's Mig-29 used the mouse to emulate the top of a flight stick, may be confusing at first but allows for very smooth control.

Shame back then we only had ball/roller mice on the whole though, with all the issues those bring.
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Originally Posted by Steve T View Post
Shame back then we only had ball/roller mice on the whole though, with all the issues those bring.
Weirdly I stll prefer a ball / roller mouse to this day, and use one as my primary mouse both at home and at work. I just prefer the extra weight and inertia. Am I alone in this?

Also, how come double-right-click requesters never took off? Intuition has explicit support for them, but I don't think I've ever seen them used?

Zeewolf and Zeewolf 2 had great mouse controls.
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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Super Hang-On but it was terrible. Joystick was better.
What? The mouse controls in Super Hang-On beats the awful Joystick controls. Far more precise. You can adjust the control sensibility as you wish.

I remember Grand Slam Tennis with mouse controls. Now that was really awful.

Battle Squadron: Not a complete disaster, but not enjoyable either.

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Shuffle Puck Cafe
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You can cheat in some Decathlon-style games with mouse plugged instead of joystick. I'm curious if Pang is playable with mouse.
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Total Eclipse
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Vroom used the mouse as well (forwards/backwards for accelerate and brake, left and right were obvious, and buttons to shift up and down). It made the game much more playable IMO.
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I always preferred mouse control in Jaguar XJ220 than slow joystick.
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Mouse controls were great. I recall Virus being nigh-on unplayable with a joystick.

Coincidentally, I've just installed Beyond Good & Evil (on Windows) after owning it for years and discovered the mouse controls. They're surprisingly good, though the close camera completely ruins the game for me.
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Mrs Beanbag
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the original Starglider was mouse-controlled and iirc even the Novella that came with the game described a spaceship that was actually controlled by the pilot using a mouse...
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starglider 2 as well iirc? speedcontrol met the right mb and dragging if I'm not mistaken.
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Many F1 games of the late 90s and early 2000s allowed mouse as a controller, and even now it's still in use - EuroTruck 2 has the option for mouse-controlled steering. It never really went away.
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I remember using the mouse in Hard Drivin,you couldn't play it with joystick it was to hard.
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