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External FDD

I have 3 Amigas, but don't want to install a GoTek in each - so intend to have one external that I can swap around. (I have a DF0/1 selector for the 500).

Looking at cables for doing this, some of them appear to be totally passive where as others have small PCBs attached to them. Why is this, does it make a difference?

My plan was find an external FDD case (broken) and use that to house the GoTek. It seems neater, and solves the issue of sourcing a DB23 cable.

Does that sound sane, and why the different types of cable?
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If you use a disk drive on the external connector, it has to remember the state of the motor signal when the computer selects another drive. (There is only one motor signal for all drives) Moreover, to detect all connected drives, the OS looks for a certain signature, which is usually also produced by the PCB.
A Gotek does not even use the motor signal and can be configured to be detected by the OS without an additional PCB.
In conclusion, for a traditional drive you need some circuitry. For a Gotek, a passive cable is sufficient.
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ah awesome. Thank you for explaining that!
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Are all external FDDs pretty much the same, I see Cumana, AF 880, ROCTEC - are they all equal?
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Not a great deal of difference between them. They all use the same drives internally (Chinon, Mitsumi, etc). The "manufacturers" of these drives only made the enclosures.
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Strangely the prices for the these on eBay seems to vary immensely as though one brand is more superior?
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