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Pixel Vixen

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Eeek! Started my Retro Gaming / Retro Adoration channel!

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all well

I've been mostly active (with a pretty dense brain) in the Blitz coding forum on here as I have an aspiration to start writing a decent JRPG for the Amiga. But as that was going really well (it's not , but it will!) I have been spending a little time in DPaint III on my Amiga 600 again. And it's going well!

The whole idea is as well as creating a game, I wanted to start a retro gaming channel, not just about the Amiga but other mid 80s to mid/late 90s consoles which will talk about why pixel art is wonderful, why is it the Amiga saw so few JRPGs versus the SNES (even in the PAL region!), game play throughs that talk about the charm and design, coding and game design, graphics.... (Rather than pumping out another history of the Amiga video...)

I made a tentative start yesterday with a preview on my new channel, 'Pixel Vixen'!


I uploaded a preview of some recorded footage which will form part of a introduction to creating pixel art on the Amiga with Deluxe Paint or similar packages like Personal Paint.

Some of you may recognise the character that I am redrawing, it's Feena from one of my all time favourite games Grandia.

Anyway - I know it's not much but I need to start somewhere

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Sounds like a great idea, a lot of Youtubers would find this very appealing, this era of JRPG's has a massive fan base. I think you are correct to look at this across different consoles as we were rather starved of JRPG's on the Amiga - Maybe... you could recreate some more classic RPG characters in Dpaint in some episodes, it was great to see Feena come to life on the page.

Good luck with the idea.
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