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Problems with load state hotkey with CDTV

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I tried searching for a solution to my problem but I couldn't find anything.

I'm trying to save and load a state with hotkeys that I set to F1 (save) and Shift+F1 (load) in the CDTV game SimCity.

Game saves fine, loads - but then hangs. However, if I load via the menu (the one that turns the screen at an angle) it loads just fine. And I'm ok with just using that but I would like to figure out what the problem is.

I don't have a whole lot of understanding as to how this emulator works, but I managed to get save/load state functionality working with CD32, and there are no issues whatsoever with that system - just CDTV.

Here's a copy of my config.fs-uae file if that helps.

# FS-UAE configuration saved by FS-UAE Launcher
# Last saved: 2016-12-27 19:57:41

amiga_model =CDTV
joystick_port_0_mode = cd32 gamepad
keyboard_key_f1 = action_save_state_1
keyboard_key_f2 = action_save_state_2
keyboard_key_f3 = action_save_state_3
keyboard_key_f4 = action_save_state_4
keyboard_key_f5 = action_save_state_5
keyboard_key_f6 = action_save_state_6
keyboard_key_f7 = action_save_state_7
keyboard_key_f8 = action_save_state_8
keyboard_key_shift_f1 = action_restore_state_1
keyboard_key_shift_f2 = action_restore_state_2
keyboard_key_shift_f3 = action_restore_state_3
keyboard_key_shift_f4 = action_restore_state_4
keyboard_key_shift_f5 = action_restore_state_5
keyboard_key_shift_f6 = action_restore_state_6
keyboard_key_shift_f7 = action_restore_state_7
keyboard_key_shift_f8 = action_restore_state_8
kickstart_file=R:\Arcade\_Emulators\fs-uae\fs-uae\kickstarts\Kickstart v1.3 r34.5 (1987)(Commodore)(A500-A1000-A2000-CDTV)[!].rom
kickstart_ext_file=R:\Arcade\_Emulators\fs-uae\fs-uae\kickstarts\CDTV Extended-ROM v2.7 (1992)(Commodore)(CDTV).rom
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Hello there SupraKarma,

Welcome to EAB

As your issue is related to FS-UAE I've moved your thread to the relevant section: support.FS-UAE
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Cool, thanks.

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