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What leaked and killed my A2000?

I pulled my A2000 out of storage for the first time in at least 15 years and fired it up. All I got was a green screen, no hard drive light (I have an A2091 in it), and no floppy drives clicking.

Opening up the case, I see that about an inch or so in front of the 68000 chip, there is a cylindrical thing that appears to have leaked, and there's lots of blue crud on the motherboard right around the cylindrical thing.

Do A2000s (like A4000s) also have a motherboard battery that will end up destroying the machine? Is there anything I can do to fix the machine, or will I just have to go out and fleabay a working A2000 if I want to have a working one?

Also, if I do end up fleabaying one, is it safe to just cut the whatever this thing is off the motherboard so it won't end up destroying whatever machine I buy, eventually?

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indeed that is the battery, please post some pictures, the mobo might be able to be saved.
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Reseat all the IC's firmly, but be Gentle with AGNES (the square one), with the power off.
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green screen might just be a bad connection in an a2000 IIRC... It's notionally a fault with chip ram but there's quite a lot of things that sit on the chip ram path.

Remove and reseat all the ICs as TheCorfiot said. Remove the battery (cut it off, or desolder it) and clean up what you can - some people recommend vinegar, I just use isopropyl alcohol available from Maplins.
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Originally Posted by rlcarr View Post
is it safe to just cut the whatever this thing is off the motherboard
Yep I do this routinely on all my Amigas - only bad point is the loss of the realtime clock. But of course you could solder in a nice coin cell replacement... or get a sundial?
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