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Will CAPS...

Will CAPS preserve the software of disk based systems other than Amiga?
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Yes, you can already submit dumps of Atari ST and PC disks.

That question is also covered in the FAQ: http://www.caps-project.org/faq.php?question=otherplat
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It would be nice to do C64 disks, but seeing as 90% of them are 5.25" I don't know how you would go about that.

Could the CAPS dumping tool be made to work on a C64 / PC with 5.25" drive?

I will have to see if I have any PC floppies about. I know I have disk 2 of Night Shift for the ST
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think you dump 5,25" disks using a drive connected to the Amiga.
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@Duke correct
@barkingboy correct
@Duke correct

Yes, we do plan on doing C64 disks. Our "technical department" is a big C64 guy - he even wrote a couple of books for it.

We have had an Amiga 5.25 inch drive donated too. However it appears that they do not have a disk ready signal so we need to add manual "insertion" support to the dumping tool.

As far as supporting the formats in the analyser (http://www.caps-project.org/articles.php?id=g_cta) goes though...

PC/ST format will be added soon-ish, we still need more dumps to be able to get the wider picture of all the protection mechanisms that may have been used (btw - more than 400 dumps were done for the Amiga before the first format was added).

It is more complicated for C64 disks. They use GCR (as opposed to MFM) based physical encoding, and this will require a new "physical layer" (as opposed to the "logical" layer(s!) which is(are) essentially the actual track layout) to be added to the process chain of the analyser.

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