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Old 21 September 2006, 13:09   #21
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I love Hudson Hawk game & don't like ECP games (poor conversions from arcade machines, but not only).
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Tiertex was a nightmare, and US Gold sucked too!

And the guy that converted Cool Spot from the megadrive: all 25 fps and jerky!
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Originally Posted by tarr
Tiertex was a nightmare, and US Gold sucked too!

And the guy that converted Cool Spot from the megadrive: all 25 fps and jerky!
25? I thought it was more like 12FPS on the Amiga...

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Old 03 October 2006, 14:30   #24
I have a joystick

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Originally Posted by mailman
I hate Ocean. Even if they sometimes created nice piece of software, they were spoiling almost every game concept taken from the movie. I don't have a clue how they managed to obtain the licence when most of their adaptations were crappy (after giving them another licence, people should take a look what had they done before). They also couldn't/were not willing to advertise their good games but they did it with movie based stuff which mostly was a disaster.
I was a huge fan of Operation Wolf and Thunderbolt meself. Especially the arcade-version.
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Old 04 October 2006, 07:52   #25
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*grin* interesting thread....

Codemasters, damn, I used to idolise that company when I had an Amstrad... then I tried their games on the amiga, ... when I did that, I realised that they just made crap lol..... - but there were some good games, micromachines , and possibly dizzy (better on the 8bit machines though!)

I did never like the arcade / movie conversions to the amiga though, always crap (only a handful were playable!)

bit suprised by the "outrun europa" post, I actually found it quite fun! (LOADS better than the first outrun game!), it had good music (at the time anyway) aswell as a fun fresh idea of running away from the police hehe- on different transportation- kinda like a pre-GTA-GTA :-)
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Originally Posted by Dastardly
Well if its not technically a copper bg but rather a rainbow coloured bitmap then fair enough, but the colours are there, does it matter?
It just shows that the Bitmap Brothers were true buisness men. The game had to be fun and relatively playable on all formats for the smallest NRE. What the others are saying is that for a couple of weeks more work on the Amiga side, better use of the custom chips could have been made and the quality of the overall feel improved.

Personally I favour the Bitmaps approach.

Dont quite understand Chaos Engine 2 though. A 100% Amiga title... if that didnt use the hardware to the best of their ability then why did they do it?

I think the market was going so fast, the Saturn had replaced the Megadrive/Genesis. The PSX was stealing Amiga gamers left right and centre and they knew it was release now or never.
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Old 04 October 2006, 16:00   #27
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I love TIERTEX for MERCS. It is better than the arcade original IMO.
I also like STRIDER on AMIGA very much.

The crapiest TIERTEX game USA94.
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psygnosis produced a whole bunch of completely unplayable games that just had great graphics, also the first disk was always nothing more than an intro.
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Old 08 October 2006, 20:48   #29
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out of proxy 5000 games where 100 games good .... at the most
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2 contact me: email only!

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Surely Dinamic deserves a mention amongst the votes for Tiertex! Most of their games are total cack. Someone else said Dinamic are some kind of Spanish Tiertex and I couldn't agree more!
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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
Surely Dinamic deserves a mention amongst the votes for Tiertex! Most of their games are total cack. Someone else said Dinamic are some kind of Spanish Tiertex and I couldn't agree more!
Risky Woods isn't bad.
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If any developer making games for the Amiga, as well as other machines (not Amiga exclusive or even Amiga primary developer, in other words), then this a really easy question for me to answer -

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Sierra Online! One of my favourite developers and yet one of my most hated developers when it comes to Amiga releases of their games.
There's basically nothing good to be said about their Amiga ports whatsoever... I guess you could point out that their earliest games run well enough on the Amiga, but that's just because those games are so very simple graphically, and often not much sound either... so I wouldn't call it an accomplishment to have these running at decent speed on an Amiga

The ports of their VGA games are (not telling anyone something they don't already know here ) obviously the very worst, though... so very tragic, pure rubbish, perfect example of complete and utter laziness, ripping Amiga consumers off to make a quick buck.

It puzzles me a bit how such a seemingly otherwise 'cool' company would treat Amiga customers so badly.
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The only proper adventure games Seirra made on Amiga were from Codename: Iceman and Colonel Bequest area (320x200 16 colors).

Every piece of crap published by US Gold & developed by Tiertex (Human Killing Machine...), Probe (Tiger Road...), etc., Paradox Software (Luxor...), Kingsoft also published a lot of turds too & of course Team 17 which games were looking good but had below average gameplay.
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Agree on Sierra doing bad Amiga ports.

Anyone played their King's Quest V port? It's so ridiculously slow you'd think it was a joke. In some scenes it takes over a minute for the character to walk from one side of the screen to the other.
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Old 03 April 2011, 03:02   #35
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Vulcan Software...
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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
Team 17 which games were looking good but had below average gameplay.
I have a love hate relationship with team 17. I love Tower Assault but hated the rest of their games.
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Old 03 April 2011, 13:54   #37
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I realise they are strictly not a devloper but what the hell. I hate Alive Mediasoft! I bought some crap off them like 'Blade'. What a waste of money that game was. They seemed like oppurtunist vultures feeding off the Amiga carcass.
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Agree with the love/hate sentiments on a couple of the graphic adventure developers-namely that you'd endure the disk-swapping (esp. on a single drive Amiga),but get driven mad at the same time.
Leisure Suit Larry 2 from Sierra wasn't perfect,but I'd still lean towards the Amiga version over the PC one due to the miggy version having better sfx. Lucasarts games,even say Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade was maddening on the disk swapping front-but it comes back to their authors designing them for PC's with harddrives rather than floppy based amigas.
And yep old those Galahad's post's were, tiertex definitely were consistant with their crappy st-ports.
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One more vote for (against?) Sierra.
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