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'Syncing' with the file server

So what do we all do to maintain 1:1 bit exact with the server. Delete the whole archive and download them all again ?
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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
So what do we all do to maintain 1:1 bit exact with the server. Delete the whole archive and download them all again ?
Use a rom renamer with a dat file.
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Right, I moved the posts to a new thread. Some points need to be made clear I guess.

"So what do we all do to maintain 1:1 bit exact with the server."

The EAB file server is a resource for people to get software for the Amiga they need or find interesting. You can browse the folders and pick what catches your interest. We don't apply any download restrictions or have any ads, popups or whatever.
That said, there is no interest from our side that you grab everything on the file server. There's noone holding you back to do it though, but there will be no support for it.

I really hope that is clear now.
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Although we maintain the file server (a service which is provided free and voluntary), a decision to change/leave something which benefits us all is always going to be a joint decision and what changes we make, or not, with the file server, is really our business, but we are, however, open to sensible suggestions. We do, and have done, considered our members/users of the file server in everything we do or change, what we don't do is blindly change/leave something to suit and favour one individuals needs rather than favour the majorities needs which may or may not benefit us all.

All in all, we do it free and voluntary, to serve our fellow Amiga enthusiast, to allow access to great software that is available to everyone if they so wish. If anyone chooses to mirror/sync the file server, then that is their own idea and business, and this should solely be maintained by that individual alone. This is not up for debate, it has been clearly explained, more than once, so please, take a back seat and let the file server team get on with the job they were designated or volunteered to do, end of story!
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I'm syncing the original post is pointless.
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If need to sync as many here and there do like to do.

You will need to download many that have incorrect sizes after next compare. I did one tosec folder applications [adf] with recent clrmamepro and latest dats, if going by that the whole collection will have many 7z packed files that will never be the same on the server.

That one test took 1hr30mins your choice redownload them all again or use the dats and manualy compare update for sync.

By the way my collection is far far from sync but that is the way it goes. Example one of many, aminet cd's that are in many part archives, i have packed to one rar archive. The ribbits i packed up also, and maybe do the same for repulse soon.
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