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Coastal Amigan (USA)
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Ok ---Im ready to be transported back.back.back to the 90s. Check out what Ive got.

I picked up an amiga cd32 today on ebay for 100 shipped. Im excited to get back to playing some amiga games.

Does anyone have one of those ugly floppy addons that appear to be plenty over in the UK???

How do they work.

I have some ISOS with amiga classics on them that I have located.

How close can I make this thing to an A1200.

Anyone have a keyboard adapter for ps2 keyboard? Paypal

My primary reason for obtaining the cd32 vs a1200 at this time was I do not have an amiga monitor anymore.

I do have an A1000 that has was kryloned in my hayday black. I used to play TV sports Basketball......ALOT! I painted it black to match my stereo stuff. Why didnt someone tell me about Vinyl Dye back then?????

Im in the USA, NC btw. My A1000 has been in a box for a very long time. Stock, no memory addons.

I figured for 100 bucks shipped I couldnt go wrong with a CD-32. Ahhhhh

Good Times Ahead.

I put my Amiga up when 3DO came about. I loved that system too.

Of course these days I have a 360 and a Wii could be in the future, but Im excited about some amiga gaming. I used to play with trackers a lot now. I wonder if I could integrate with My korg and alesis gear now? I was thinking about just picking up a used imac g3 for that though. WOuld probally make more sense in the midi world.

I am very interested in the floppy contraption - just wondering why it isnt black. Im sure that an SX-1 is way out of my range due to its rareness.

Ive been hanging out on this board for some time, and I think i have some genesis controllers with the amiga in storage as well. ahhhh. Any use for my 1000. I would have to check the nicads in there from what I was reading up on. Looks like it could be a nasty suprise.
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Graham Humphrey
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Hello there and welcome to EAB

Originally Posted by nc88keyz View Post
My primary reason for obtaining the cd32 vs a1200 at this time was I do not have an amiga monitor anymore.
You don't need a monitor to use an A1200, you can use a standard TV...
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Coastal Amigan (USA)
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yeah, but how good is the dot crawl and flicker, particularly on newer HD displays. I think I made a good decision on the CD32, just curious if I feel the limitation later down the road and want an a-1200. Im still looking at the options on those as well, but cd32 is kinda readymade for my needs right now.
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Dot crawl? Use RGB and you won't have any. You are still going to have to put up with that on the CD32 if you use composite.
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Missile Command Champion

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That's true, no CD32 RGB unless you get the SX32 expansion.
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Blessed A1200 Of TeH Rat
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I guess if he just wants to play games the CD32 will do, but he said he wants as close to a A1200 as possible, which in my mind means one of those SX 32 thingys, which cost more than a A1200 with a CD-Rom. (last time I looked anyhow)

Have a look here :


Using one of those is the closest I would consider a CD32 to a A1200.
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Old 12 January 2008, 17:56   #7
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If I was going to get back into things I would have bought an A4000 or at least an A1200 with a CD drive& extra mem. Would never have bought a CD32, not for the price you paid. Not disrespecting you matey but think you have paid over the odds.
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Old 12 January 2008, 18:53   #8
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We have both items - the floppy expansion and the keyboard adapter.
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Old 12 January 2008, 22:12   #9
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Of course, the CD32 does have one of these.
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Coastal Amigan (USA)
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well a1200s arent that cheap here in the states where as they seem to be very affordable in the UK.

I was afraid to get a new one from china and be hit with customs or something. So I got one from somoene that has good amiga rep on ebay and will be happy with it for now. I can do midi and anything else with PC so the compute r aspect while nice, does not fit my budget at this time.

Its a readymade solution to play some great games on a tv.

$100 with free shipping not so bad here in the USA.

Thanks a lot. I just realized this should be moved probally to the beginner thread and not scene-news.

Mods ....anytime now.

I would say likelyhood of an SX-1,32 popping up will be rare over here for an affordable price anyways.

I am hoping the floppy drive addon with clock will be exploited and modded out for some additional goodies.

Until then I am content.

Plus CD32 has a very high WAF
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