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Prabs retro sale! Grab a bargain :)

Ok at the moment i don't have my small digital camera just my DSLR so if you need pictures i'll have to charge that up unless i already have up to date pics to hand on photobucket, now thats out of the way lets get down to it, everything is priced to sell, no offers unless your purchasing more then one lot!

If I had the space, and actual time to play all this awesome stuff I would, but right now the bigger picture is i'm in the market for a nice uneconomical luxury car, so somethings gotta give!

1) I have a loose MegaCD2 which comes with a MD2, and 2 controllers in very good condition, unfortunately i don't have the psu for the megadrive or av leads, but have a psu for the mega CD. The item is fully working, and i will include 3 CD games, and around 4-5 cartridges. £50 posted

2) Master System 2, in a very 90s hard plastic briefcase carry case, comes with all leads and a controller £30 Posted

3) Neo Geo CD console, loose, with 4 original games, some backup games, psu, and 2 pads £130 posted

4) Neo Geo AES console, boxed (when i get the box off my mate, left it at his house), with original AES controller, 2 games: Riding hero's, WH2 jet, no PSU £200 posted

5) Philips CDi 220, boxed in near mint condition, comes with a very rare gamepad controller, and a few loose original games and some backups. Two prices: with standard remote control £45 posted, with game controller £55 posted

6) Atari 2600 JR with 2 paddle controllers, 1 joystick, 1 7800 controller, around 20 games (some boxed) £35 posted SOLD

7) PS2 Fat Console, CIB, in very good condition, box has a slight scratch mark on the rear, will chuck in a few duplicate games £30 posted

8) Zoga Famiclone, Brand New, with 2 Famicom/Clone Cartridges £30 posted

9) SNES Console in VGC. Comes with PSU, 1 Pad, RF Lead, Hard carry case (very retro) will come with a couple of cartrdiges (nothing top shelf) £50 posted

10) Loose Panasonic 3DO FZ1 JP (Requires step down converter). Comes with 1 Official Pad, 1 Third Party Pad & the following games all boxed:
Return Fire (VGC)
Need for Speed (VGC)
Powers Kingdom (VGC)
Super Street Fighter 2 (VGC)
Winning Post (VGC)
Gex (disc scratched)
Theme Park (disc scratched)
Shockwave Operation Jumpgate (VGC).

Thats all the games i can think of, i know there are a couple more sports games
, £70 Posted SOLD

11) ZX Spectrum +2 Computer, with PSU, RF Lead, and around 20-30 game cassettes (a few demos). £40 posted

12) ZX Spectrum +3 Computer, with 16 Floppy Games, No PSU. I have a +2A PSU that needs repairing and the +3 will function with that. £45 posted

13) Atari 520STFM, with a stack of loose floppies (will count how many games as soon as i can) and a bunch of Boxed games (maybe 15-20) will count them soon. Comes with mouse, joystick, and RGB Scart lead £60 posted

14) Commodore C16 Computer, complete with RF lead, Datasette, and PSU £20 posted

15) Brand New Atari Lynx Batman Returns Pack, comes with Brand new boxed AC adapter, and 5 brand new games £100 posted

16) Atari Lynx Loose in official carry case, missing battery covers £30 posted

17) Sega Game Gear, just been refurbished (new capacitors), screen is in pixel perfect condition, and has had the LED battery life mod (up to 8 hours of play).
It comes with:
External Battery pack
Carry Case
Sonic 2
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 2
James Pond 2 Robocod
Super monaco gp
Desert speedtrap
Sega Game Pak 4 in 2

£50 posted Now £45 posted

18) (NOT YET AVAILABLE) Boxed Sega Saturn Model 2, with the good motherboard revision (according to zyrobs), comes with 1 pad, power lead, and RGB scart. £40 posted

19) Blaze Streets of rage 2 MD clone £15 posted

20) Blaze Ultimate Handheld SF2 Edition (with sd slot), switched on once, never played. £35 posted (still has amazon receipt and warranty)

21)Boxed Episode 1 Racer Edition N64 (box has shelf wear is tatty, inlays are all perfect, complete with instructions etc)
Pal S Video Lead

Boxed Games (all in good condition):
Banjo Kazooie
Perfect Dark
Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64

Lose Games:
Goldeneye + Instructions
Donkey Kong 64
Mission Impossible
Tonic Trouble
Turok 2
Zelda Ocarina of time
F1 World Grand Prix
F1 World Grand Prix 2
Wrestlemania 2000
WWF war zone (label is worn)
Nangano Winter Olympics 98
Star Wars Rogue Squadron

£135 Posted

22)Boxed Gameboy Advance (see through purple), in near mint condition, hardly played £15 posted

23) Amiga CD32 Console With PSU £45 Posted

24) Commodore 64 DTV plug and play (essentially a C64 on a chip can be hacked and expanded into a fully fledged C64), Boxed in VGC £20 posted

25) Boxed, near mint (you could say almost brand new, used 3 times!), A570 CD rom interface, complete in box with instructions, psu and public domain cd, all inserts etc, inner box immaculate outer box bit of shelf wear £50 posted

Thats all i'm listing for now, theres plenty of other stuff to come, ps1 games, ps2, cart games accross all platforms etc etc. Please note that anything purchased before Wednesday 22nd February will be shipped on thursday (if possible with royal mail if small enough), otherwise items will be shipped after the 20th March as i will be away till then, I will not hold any items without a non refundable deposit.

Large Items purchased before or on the 23rd February will if possible be couriered out on the 24th


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Bump, added some more to the megacd bundle, will include 3 CD games, and around 4 or 5 of my duplicate carts.

Open to sensible offers on everything

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Old 23 February 2012, 00:46   #3
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A570 added
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Old 23 February 2012, 13:41   #4
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Game gear list updated, open to sensible offers on everything now guys
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Will you take £50 for the CDi and controller (posted)?
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First in line for A570 if it's still theRe?

Is the £50 inclusive of uk postage?
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Hi Prabmire several PM send...need you to contact me...urgent
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he is on holiday until 20th march
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Back from holiday now guys, replying to pm's!

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Originally Posted by chocolate_boy View Post
First in line for A570 if it's still theRe?

Is the £50 inclusive of uk postage?
Still after this mate?

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