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Old 14 July 2008, 19:51   #1
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E-UAE on PS3

Has anybody on here installed this on linux on a PS3 yet? There's a couple of vids on youtube now that show it's been done and if genuine it looks like it's well worth doing.

If so am i going to be banging my head against a wall trying to get it working as i have a new HD and YDL6 here waiting.
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Old 15 July 2008, 01:07   #2
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Maybe this link might be of some help --->PS3 linux
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Old 25 July 2008, 20:33   #3
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I'll report back after installing (going to have a crack at it tomorrow) i've found this install guide for YDL6 http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/2/...owdoglinux.txt and here's Turrican running [ Show youtube player ] (shame AmiGamer doesn't post here anymore if i come unstuck with E-UAE)
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Old 26 July 2008, 20:43   #4
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Could the restricted access to graphics hardware for acceleration strain the performance of the emulator? It is said that under ps3 linux you haven't graphics acceleration, hence some 3d games won´t work properly.
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Old 28 July 2008, 12:44   #5
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@ TheCrow
If I remember correctly; It uses a graphics library called mesa that utilizes the cell processor. They still working on drivers for the gpu.
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Old 28 July 2008, 15:55   #6

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Surely if someone make a distro for PS3, they will make sure the console graphics modes work??

And for emus, you need only a pixel buffer. No "acceleration" needed to set 64000 words of memory
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Old 28 July 2008, 16:05   #7
Sune Salminen
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Speaking of graphics acceleration on PS3 Linux; this thread on the SDLMAME forum is an interesting read.

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Old 28 July 2008, 16:07   #8
Maj. Voodoo

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This looks interesting and might be a reason to finally get PS3. Is there an option for full screen ?? (wonder how turrican would look pixeled on my 42" screen )

And one more question. Does e-UAE support HD emulation??
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Old 30 July 2008, 11:48   #9
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Yes, e-uae does support hd emulation. You can mount directories, hardfiles or use most original FFS partitions by mounting them in Linux with the native affs filesystem driver and then using the directory mount option.
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Old 30 July 2008, 14:12   #10
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I gave up in E-UAE on the PS3 because it was a bit slow and I couldn't work out how to make it v-sync.
I'm not sure if it even can v-sync.
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Old 03 August 2008, 21:13   #11
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I tried for a week on Yellowdog.

Got annoyed with it and then just went back to playing GTA IV
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