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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
warning: this will get quickly locked if...
Sorry, just my ( poor ) attempt at humor.

TBH: I'm of the opinion that the 'amiga' is a 68k machine ( or emulation of one ).
I don't seriously expect WinUAE to ever have PPC emulation, just as I don't believe OS4 will ever be ported to x86.

The former because it's not 'amiga', the latter because it would make too much sense.
I do understand they are different issues:
-The Amiga is dead - long live retro hobbies.
-An Amiga-like RTOS would be 'better' than my current POS desktop OS.

( I am curious to try OS4 - it's frustrating that I have no opportunity )

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I will be happy with ppc emulation but i think that toni will never do it.
In fact ppc emulation isn't so important for the moment but if someone want to try, why not.
If it can be done with a good speed i could buy the amigaos 4.0 classic.
PS: i hope the amigaos4.0 will open the road for a port of firefox and openoffice to the amiga.
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Frankly, guys.... if any of you have any coding skills, you could merge the PPC-emualtion code from PearPC into the WinUAE tree and compile it yourselves..... Instead of naging Toni about things that is, frankly, not needed in any way, shape or form.

Besides, the PPC-code of PearPC is slow.... the RosettaStone of of the Macintel, is proprietary (?) code, and is designed for the IA86-64 architechture of the intel x86 range. From my understanding, the RosettaStone will either not work at all, OR be incredibly buggy on and AMD Athlon64...

Thus, comparing the 32bit PearPC with the 64bit, intel-only, Rosetta is not doing anyone any favours.

Oh, and for the record... I would look into it meself, unfortunately, the "Hello World" program is too confusing for me to understand, so I can't.

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Or maybe Apple will let Rosetta be used for PPC on WinUAE.

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I'll just remember of this thread BTW... It proves the wisdom that nothing is as constant as the change of opinion...

I think, this request could be closed
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Amen to that.
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