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I installed flashfloppy on a gotek the other day. Nice work. love it.
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Originally Posted by kaffer View Post
You have a short to ground at jumper position JA (which is used to implement the optional third button).

Check that the only jumper at the rear of your Gotek is at position S0. Remove any other jumpers. Then report back.
100% spot-on. Removed the jumper and everything worked properly. Thank you:
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Just installed this the other day and seems to be working.
I wanted to try the direct USB programming method, so I bought a Male-to-Male usb cable and another Gotek.
The direct USB method is slick.
Just change some jumpers, plug one end of your USB cable into the Gotek, the other end into your PC and program. Since the Flash Floppy distribution already comes with a DFU file, I didn't even need to convert it. Awesome!
I did solder header pins onto my Gotek to make jumpering (and re-jumpering later if needed) easier. (Besides, I have to justify the purchase of my hot air solder station!!!)

I have already ordered a couple of IIC OLED panels to upgrade the display.
I also plan on "extending" (probably removing the existing?) buttons so I can make a panel that holds the display and buttons. I will probably place it in the floppy slot on my A1000 so it is easily accessible from the front of the machine. (I do have a 3D printer to try to come up with a semi-decent panel)

I do have a preference question.

On my other Gotek (Cortex firmware still), I put my images in order using the program. So all my kickstarts/workbench floppies are in slots 1-10. Then I have my games in blocks above that. So shooting games in 11-20, platformers in 21-30, puzzle games in 31-40... (Or something like that. I don't have it running in front of me so that might be off a bit).
It tends to work out OK.
It looks like I could do something similar if I switched to HxC compatible mode IIUC.
I was thinking of leaving it in Native mode tho. Looks like that would require me to use some type of FAT sorter tho, and I'm not sure how that might work..

Thoughts, preferences?

Thanx again!

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There's a few modes that the Gotek can operate in.
If you don't use a config file, it'll read off the USB stick in the order that they appear, so you would need a fat sorter etc, yes.

But, instead, you can create a HxC config file, and put your disks, in any order you want, into it, and FlashFloppy (and HxC too obviously) will read this file, and (only) show those disks in your list.

There's a few tools to do this, if you want to do that.
I wrote my own small program to populate such a list.

Though, there are others, probably (definitely!) better programs
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Old 16 September 2018, 21:24   #905
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Are there any programs to edit the HxC config file on Linux?
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Originally Posted by jurassicman View Post
Are there any programs to edit the HxC config file on Linux?
I'm not exactly an authority!

The thing I wrote is for Jeffs HXCFEMNG program, and makes a text file, in the format:


And then, I run the HXCFEMNG.exe by hand.

with the setslots command, as follows:

HXCFEMNG -verbose -disk:%drive% -setslots:MyTextFile.txt

This then opens the blank HXCSDFE.CFG on the root of %drive% and the textfile MyTextFile.txt

I do see the source for the HXCFEMNG is available on GitHub, so, I'm sure you could compile your own version.


The blank .cfg files are in SDCard_HxC_Floppy_Emulator_Manager.zip.
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