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Thanks! ��
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Each partition needs some memory buffer. E.g. 10 partitons with 200 buffer (200*512 byte) = 10 * 102400 byte = 1 MiB. So 1000 partitions could take 100 MiB memory. On the other hand with may partitions you normally don't mount all of them, only when needed.
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Next question:

Did anyone really use the little arrows next to the scroll-bars in a Workbench window?
If I want to move the content of the window I simply use the bar, or click on the grey area to "skip".
But even in modern themes like Amikit we have there little arrows, that add quite some noise to the visual experience. I consider them as unnecessary and annoying.

They seem to be there, because the first Workbench was copying the Mac, which had them too.

Does anyone really like these arrows?
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Old 17 January 2018, 10:57   #1684
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I can't say that I like or dislike them, but I do use them so it wouldn't be a good thing if they disappeared. One use case: moving beyond the currently occupied area in a Workbench window, to move to a clear space so that I can copy more icons in as I like them.
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Old 17 January 2018, 13:57   #1685
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The only times I've used them is if I want the contents to scroll out of the window a bit, then snap it back with the bar. I can't think of why I've done that though, perhaps I just wanted to align the icons with the edge of the window without ruining the icon positions, if the icons are in various sizes.
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Old 17 January 2018, 17:46   #1686
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Sometimes I use them, it's a little more precise/progressive. Jumping "pages" with the bar clicking on the empty space can have bad results.
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I use them, same as I do in Windows and X11. Sometimes, you just want a single click to move a tiny bit. (and sometimes, for whatever reason, you feel like doing multiple single steps)
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Ok - I see this feature has got it's fans :-)

While I don't miss it at all on macOS or my Linux, I see that even Windows 10 is still providing these little arrows...

I still would prefer them at least hidden - only appearing, when the mouse pointer is hovering above.
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