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What's preventing WinUAE from emulating Virtuality machines?

Is it undumped software? Is it obscure hardware?
I've read that the twin video cards are unemulated, but I heard that they use pretty standard components as Virtuality did not have a silicon factory. Is it just because there aren't many of them around?

I have access to a Virtuality machine (currently disassembled; running DiagROM revealed errors in Chip RAM and the CIAs). Would it be helpful to the developers if I sent them...
...a dump of the hard drive?
...a dump of the CD-ROM?
...high definition pictures of the video cards so the components and their connections can be identified?
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Great questions.
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I hope so !!!!
do you have games with it ???
I played 2 of it in london, i appreciated the flight simulation.
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Toni Wilen
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I think most of the questions are already mentioned in this thread: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=85014

Chips used are TMS 34020 and TMS 34082 (probably more than one 34082..). They are very complex, especially 34082. 34010 (34020 is slightly improved 34010) is already emulated (used in A2410) but 34082 isn't. Emulation (at least done by me) is unlikely but you never know.. Also hardware is most likely required by I am not going to loan it unless I am 101% sure I'll do it..

Photos and harddisk images and everything are also required.

34020 + 1-4x34082 combination is also used by Vivid 24 video card. Which may or may not be similar enough.. Which probably needs to be emulated first (less unknown parts) but it is most likely impossible without having the hardware.
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I think one of these cards has also popped up on the other bay:

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looks like this is a Rainbow 256 board only reference i could find was in cu amiga issue 045 1993 where a full review of the rainbow is, at the end it is listed as Chartscreen at £1699
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