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Meh. We sure are a fussy bunch. Sales will determine whether people want things or not. Far be it for me to criticize what someone is trying to build or develop.

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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
So is it a new rule that every thread where someone announces a new piece of hardware we should post "I don't want it?" I'm sure that is very encouraging to people who are designing and building cards for our very small market. Let's just pop into the Terrible Fire thread, the VA2000 thread and that new IDE controller thread and say "I don't want it" since we have an A3640, CV64 and a FastIDE MK-XX. That's really productive discourse.
Stating that you yourself don't want it is personal and nothing that needs communicating with the world.

…but if someone (re)introduces hardware where the price/performance ratio is outlandish, they had it coming.
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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
You can not run this kind of old accelerators at such kind of speeds without some noisy fans, several ones if you want to have a graphic card like a -second hand- BVision (the only one accepted on a desktop A1200).

Not talking about prices, but that doesn't happen with a fpga card. Yes, you can put a fan and some heatsinks if you want to. You'll also have an integrated graphics card included.

And that paying a fraction of the other option price.
Yeah, but the FPGA graphics solutions are outperformed by the BVision, despite being 20 years old.
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And still old slow SIMM PS/2 memory + 603e ? Wake up, we have 2017year!!
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