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Amiga 1200 RAM expansion options

Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice on the most economical way to expand the RAM on my A1200 currently in 2018? Have looked through the forums and can see that accelerator cards are the way to go but have also read about simple 4MB fast RAM expansion cards that are much more economical.

However looking online I can't find any sign of RAM expansion cards for sale, just accelerators in the £200+ range.

My aim is to just have more compatibility with WHDLOAD, theres only a handful of games that work without memory issues that I wanted to play. Not trying to do anything too complex!

Thanks for any help.
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Most old RAM expansions are pretty expensive these days, which means that a new ACA1221EC accelerator is really not much more than a pare RAM board, but offers a lot more in terms of speed and features. So that would be the best of the currently available options I would say.

However, if you're prepared to wait a short while, there are a couple of new projects in the works by independent developers like Kipper2K and Arananet, both of which will provide you with 8MB of fast RAM. I don't know what pricing will be like, but probably cheaper than the old cards from the '90s...
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I've been considering this ACA1221EC too, but I ran into talk of trouble like in this thread http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=89639 and started to wonder if it might be better just to get a memory expansion.

Analogic are selling some 8MB trapdoor expansions on eBay at £90, but I hear they don't have a jumper to limit it to 4MB so I think you're going to lose any PCMCIA compact flash capability. . . unless perhaps you can replace the 8MB simm with a 4MB one maybe.
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Thanks for the comments everyone.
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Try the kipper2k board. Working great for me and a modern simple implementation:


The SD and SPI ports are nice additions.
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