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PPsave help needed


I wondered if any Amos Pro programmers can help me please?

I need to load an .abk bank into Amos Pro Direct Mode and ppsave it out, or however it's done.

I am updating a program/game and I am no programmer but I need to get this finished, I am so so close to getting there I just need to ppsave out a few files ready for inclusion in the game.

I used to have a programmer working with me but unfortunately I can't get help from him. Thankyou for any help on this.
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Its been a while since I did anything in AMOS, but typing the following into the AMOS Pro Direct Mode should work (confession - I had to look up the Ppsave info!):

Load "FILENAME.abk"
The listbank command is optional, you can use it to verify the file loaded into the correct bank.

FILENAME is the name of the file and can include the drive name (e.g. "Ram:myfile.abk")
BANK_NUMBER is the number of the bank you wish to compress.
EFFICIENCY is the compression level - 0 is fast (worst compression) all the way up to 4 slow (best compression).

NB: Fast compression took 30 seconds on the file I tested it on, so slow compression could take as long as an hour, or more, depending on file size and data.

More info on Ppsave can be found here:


If you want to load the .abk file into a specific bank then add ,BANK_NUMBER after the last quote (e.g. Load "filename.abk",10), though certain .abk files (e.g. sprites) always seem to be loaded into specific banks.

Are you sure you want to PPsave it? There are other save options, such as Bsave (binary save - just saves bank data without any AMOS bank header) and Save (normal save - saves AMOS bank header, followed by bank data).

Oh, there is an AMOS sub-forum on here, so this thread is kinda in the wrong place! Mods, please move it accordingly.

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