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[blitzbasic] contextual help ?


I recently installed Blitz Basic 2.1 and the Blitz Basic Suite.

For what I readed on internet, some kind of contextual help should be available in SuperTed. But I don't know how it works.

I even tried to reinstall this help by hand, but it still doesn't work, at least as far as I know.

For now, if I put the cursor on a command work and push Help, a short syntax help appears in the top white border of the screen. If I push shift+help or left amiga+help, nothing appears (even if I put the cursor on a library name).

If I use the right clic menu, nothing appears too.

Maybe it's a normal behaviour, I never used Blitzbasic before. But it doesn't seems to look like the reviews I readed

thanks for your help
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I answer myself. Apparently it was caused by a shortcut conflict inside the custom menu.

I simply removed any keymapping (in MenuEd) for the help and library help.

Now, syntax help works with help key, and "online" help (means a windows wit detailed documentation) opens with right amiga +help (on my french keyboard at least).

The "stock" shortcuts are probably assigned somewhere else, I don't know where yet.

Anyway, now it's full working. I also added all BUMs and BUIs.

Last steps : apply patches and fixes on Blitz and its applications (editor, debugger, etc...), and I'll be ready to start learning.

ANother step would be adding new libraries (I've got hundreds of these), but I don't think it's revelant for now, since I'm a beginner I don't think I need these extra chunky2planar libs to make my first (and seconds! ) steps in my learning.

It would be cool if I could also make this nice fixed horizontal dock (instead of the vertical one) : http://obligement.free.fr/gfx/superted25.jpg But I don't know how, I'll try to find.
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